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Beginner’s Guide: Things to Expect from Your Guitar Lessons 2021



Both adults and kids enjoy playing guitar in their dreams because they find it cool. They believe that it elevates their personality. On the other hand, some can have a genuine interest in this instrument for its fantastic sound and music. It doesn’t matter why you want to pick up this skill. But there can be many questions in your mind before you go for your first lesson. For example, you can be curious about the type of guitar you need to buy or when you can play the song of your choice. Here are a few things about guitar lessons to help you determine your expectations.

Hard Work

It is not to distract you from your desire to train in guitar. You can look at it as mental preparation. Some learners think they can straight away perform on the stage after a few months. However, it doesn’t happen like this. Learning the guitar is about dedication and practice. Only playing at the music school under the supervision of your teacher is not enough. You have to give it time at home also. If you are serious about this skill, you should devote about 45 to 60 minutes to this. If you are worried about what you will practice, don’t think too hard. You will get homework and directions. You need to follow them.

Maintaining discipline and focus can help you pick up a few simple songs in one year or so.


The Guitar teacher will tailor your lesson based on your preferences. Hence, it would be best if you had absolute clarity about why you want to play guitar. Whether you are interested in rock, jazz, or classical, you have to communicate this. When a teacher knows your requirements well, they can guide you even better. You can be eager to learn every style and type of music. However, it is always beneficial to pick one thing and eventually graduate to the rest one by one.


In the beginning, the music teacher will talk about the instrument and how it works. You will not play anything. The class will focus on making you familiar with the different parts of the device. They will introduce you to the fretboard, strings’ names, and the types of sound these produce. Sometimes, you can also expect them to teach you to change the chords or tune the guitar.  Overall, there will be steady progress in every lesson. After two classes, you can perhaps start with the basic chords.

Skill Acquisition

If you are learning it for the first time, you may not grasp everything on the first day itself. But this should not bother you. You are there to learn, and hence, your focus has to be on learning. Reading sheet music, for example, can be complex. You may have to go back to it multiple times to understand the technique finally. No matter how many times you have to ask your teacher to explain this, you must not hesitate. Usually, music teachers tend to have a lot of patience. They ensure your concepts are clear. Still, you can ask them what you can do at home to improve in this area.


Your choices and goals will enable your music teacher to set up an aim for you. It can consist of small objectives that you would need to master with every lesson each week. Or, you can also have a more significant aim to chase for a month. All this will be in alignment with your ambition. Hence, you don’t have to bother. It helps teachers and students to have a clear learning framework at school and home. If you don’t attain some of them, you should not panic or feel dejected. You can take your time to learn.

Finger Pain

When you start, you can feel a little discomfort in your fingers. It can be more likely if you practice on a cheap guitar. So, it will be better to learn from your teacher about the right choices. You can follow their recommendations as they tend to have more experience as a professional. As you learn and practice, your callous fingers can ease a bit, and you can move them faster on the fretboard.

There can be many more things that can be a first-time experience for you. However, when you begin your guitar-playing journey, you should keep your mind clear and focus on your goal. The guitar is comparatively easy to play. Things may become complicated as you pass from one level to another. Still, you will already have gained a certain amount of comfort and pace with the strings by that time. So, you don’t need to fear. Just make sure you get the right teacher for your needs. Correct guidance and training play an essential role in this.

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