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TikViral: How To Create Workout Videos On TikTok?


Healthy and energetic workouts have been a part of the day-to-day life of everybody. However, your daily workout routines may be helpful for some other people who are seeking to be fit. So how TikTok do you promote it? The promotion is quite simple, and it is through TikTok. TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms where you can see many fitness trainers, gym people, and home-work people who share their knowledge with the audience. Furthermore, many are providing tutorials that help in learning the workouts. So if you are a fitness trainer who wants to get viral on TikTok, then you can try to get free tiktok views and reach the audience globally. 

With TikTok, you can shoot a great workout video and upload it on the platform. But it would help if you had more pre-preparations on it. Below is the guide you should learn before starting your work on TikTok. Let’s begin! 

Pre-Preparations For Shooting Workout Videos

1. Plan Ahead Of Time

You cannot randomly post videos of your workout. If you are posting a video series, then the videos should be continued. For example, if you take activities of cardio, then you need to shoot videos on a step-by-step process. You can even shoot videos in a gym where you go out for a workout. 

Planning ahead of time will make you look professional on the platform. High-quality workout videos will reach your target audience effortlessly. First, give yourself a warm-up for your body, and now you can provide the perfect workout demonstration. Perfection is more critical for workouts. If you achieve it in your videos, then it is excellent. 

When planning your workout, you need to calculate your time. As the app only allows for creating 10-of 15 seconds videos, there will be a slot for one workout posture. With that 10-seconds, you can clearly explain the benefits of the posture and the steps to do it. It is better to write the on-screen texts for better explanation. 

2. Scenes Of The Shoot

You can make the workout video even sweet and short; some people will do it as a time-lapse video, i.e., the fast forward. You can try videos with different angles or shooting modes like close-up, panoramic, etc. Check on the camera position before you record the video. Now you can shoot the video in your style. 

3. The Time Length

Shorter videos better engage the viewers. Moreover, fast, intense workouts are great for people who want to be fit. Unfortunately, the people in today’s world are pretty busy and barely find time to work out. So if you create short and sweet videos, it will be more beneficial for them. In your videos, get to the point right from the start. Then, after watching the video, the viewers would be able to get the key takeaways. 

4. Adapt To The Platform

TikTok is the app for shorter videos only. You can draw inspiration from various TikTok videos and do it well on TikTok. You can rock on the platform when you are good at editing and rearranging videos. When creating your videos, you must consider how they will look on the camera. 

5. Make Efficient Audio

The background audio needs to be calm and pleasant. Just shoot the video without any audio, then add the music later. Don’t add too loud or noisy voiceover later. You can add the best music for your workout videos by searching in the music library. You can try using TikViral to boost your organic followers. 

6. Create A Masterpiece

People expect the videos to be quick and easy to follow in regular routines. Have a storyline in all your videos. Furthermore, you can create a video series of your workouts. Even you can take the tutorial on workout videos with actionable strategies. Your instructions and voice should be clear and focussed. 

Tips For Shooting Your Workout Video

  • If possible, take videos in studio lighting. It will make you look professional. 
  • Avoid dark and tight clothing, and you can avoid blending into the background. It would help if you were seen separately from the background. 
  • Be fit with your clothing so that your workout postures will be perfect. 
  • Check on your video now and then so that you can make the perfect look at the final. 
  • Be aware of fluorescent lighting that causes flickering effects in your videos. 


The key to success is to try new things out. For example, you can collaborate with fitness studios to make money with workout videos. Frequently post your videos on TikTok so that it will drive more engagement. You can also try using TikViral to build credibility. If you find this article interesting, you can leave your comments below. Thanks for reading! 

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