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Tips for Finding the Best Preschool Education in Singapore


One of the most critical stages in a child’s life is around four to five years. Children are taken out from their homes and introduced to a teaching environment in this stage. After being under someone else’s supervision for six months, they will have learned how to socialize with other people. Preschool education has been found to have high effects on a child’s academic performance later on in life. As such, choosing the right kind of preschool is essential for your child to succeed in his future life. Here are the key factors when looking for good preschool education.

A Good Pedagogy

Having an effective teaching pedagogy (i.e., an approach that aims at learning rather than teaching) is the primary reason why guests choose to send their children to preschool. The most important part of pedagogy is setting clear goals and teaching your child how to achieve her goals, rather than focusing on the final goal itself. By learning how to set achievable goals, your child will have more confidence in his work and be more motivated to do well in his future academic years.

A Wide Variety of Learning Resources

In Singapore’s preschool environment, teachers use various methods supported by scientific research and observation from experienced educators. These preschool education in Singapore resources include those specially developed for logical thinking skills development, spatial awareness, language development, and other vital areas that are prerequisites for success in school.

A Strong Focus On Language Development

If you notice that your child speaks in very short sentences and has low fluency, there is a high chance that he does not have good language skills. In language development, the teacher will use many handouts and flashcards to teach your preschooler how to communicate more efficiently. The use of such materials allows the children to learn at their own pace, and even if they miss out on some lessons, there will still be chances for them to catch up later on. At this age, they can quickly adapt to new learning methods.

An Efficient Management System

The management system plays a key role in determining whether it is an effective preschool education institution or not. Management systems are derived from the school’s philosophy, which varies across preschool education in Singapore and other areas. Effective management systems include those that offer efficient use of resources and allow teachers to be more beneficial in teaching your child.

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Well-Structured Curriculum

The curriculum offered by good preschool education providers will gradually introduce subjects only when they are ready for learning them at this age. The pace of progress is slow with the introduction of new material every week or so. This allows children to learn with ease and become curious about their surroundings with just what they know, rather than with too many things thrown into their faces all at once. Furthermore, this kind of pace also allows children sufficient time to adapt to new skills before moving on with advanced skills.

A Safe Atmosphere

Your child will have plenty of opportunities to express his talents and skills with little disturbance from other negative factors in a conducive environment. If a preschool’s environment is positive, they will be more willing to learn and use this attitude as a stepping stone for success in their future academic years.

High-Quality Teachers Who Are Dedicated to Their Work

Apart from an effective teaching pedagogy, teachers at a good preschool education institution can bring out the best in every student by teaching. In an age where many parents prefer foreign domestic helpers working as babysitters instead of hiring full-time nannies because of high costs, having quality teachers is vital for children as they spend years in this environment and become their second family.


While preschool education costs may differ from one to another, guests should remember that it is an investment in your child’s happiness and future academic years. Even if the tuition fees are not considered cheap, you must try to think of it as part of a larger sum of money that can go towards your child’s future success.

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