Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Small Businesses

Social media is an important marketing tool. In fact, 3.5 billion people use it — that’s 45% of the world’s population!

By utilizing social media for your brand and business, you should find a lot of advantages. You’ll build good relationships with current clients or customers and bring in new ones.

That’s only if you use it right, though.

If you want to make good use of social media and have it do wonders for your brand, you should avoid these social media marketing mistakes. By doing that, you’ll ensure your brand gets the best attention.

1. Not Creating a Strategy First

A digital marketing strategy is essential with social media. You should have goals to reach and ideas of how to get there.

By doing this, you and your team have a clear idea of where you need to be. You can check in and see if you’re on track for meeting those goals, and adjust the strategy if not.

2. Focusing on the Negatives

The downside of social media advertising is that it invites anyone to comment on your business and your product. Some people are there to be negative, and you’re unlikely to escape them forever.

It’s important not to ignore the positive comments and focus on the negative. Even if you’re getting hung up on criticism, don’t snap back at them while ignoring the people who have a love for your brand.

That just spreads the negativity onto your page!

Instead, focus on replying to positive comments. If the negative ones are genuine criticism, however, it’s important to address that too.

Just ignore the trolling!

3. Being Robotic

When on social media, people are attracted to personality. They love jokes, memes, and anything else they can share from the page.

By being robotic and simply posting ads and monotonous product descriptions, you’ll drive people away. Bring new people in using your tone and sense of humor. You could even post some photos and videos to brighten up the feed.

By being human and relatable, you’ll get a bigger audience.

4. Failing to Engage

It’s important to engage with your audience! Use questions to attract replies so your feed is seen by other people, reply to comments and start a conversation, and actively ask for feedback.

This will make people feel like you actually care about their opinion and what they have to say, making them more appreciative of your brand.

5. Unrealistic Growth

If you want to give your brand a bit of a boost at the beginning for credibility, you can buy TikTok followers — or do the same on any social media. This will make you seem more established at the start and attract more people to you.

It’s important not to make this unrealistic though, or people will see you as a fraud. No Instagram that’s been there for one month with two photos is going to have fifty thousand followers!

Do your research and look at what’s realistic before buying followers, or you might set yourself up for failure.

6. Failing to Nail the Appropriate Tone

Although it’s important not to be robotic, you also have to nail the appropriate tone. Whether you’re marketing with Facebook or any other social media, consider the audience. Facebook tends to be an older crowd, Instagram younger, TikTok even younger than that — and this is important to bear in mind.

However, you also need to have an appropriate tone for your brand! Think about who’s engaging, and adjust appropriately.

7. Spamming

While you should post regularly, the last thing anyone wants is to be spammed. If you’re making twenty posts a day, that might be a little much, and people are likely to mute or unfollow you so they don’t have to see as much on their feed.

With fewer people engaging, you have less reach.

Make sure you hit the happy medium of posting regularly but not loads. Once a day is often plenty!

8. Stretching Yourself Across Profiles

Sometimes brands will stretch themselves across multiple profiles, but that’s just splitting up the audience and giving each less reach than it would have under one.

Unless it’s truly necessary, consider sticking to one profile for your business. That way, you can focus on growing your followers there rather than having everyone scattered.

It also gives you room to develop the tone and posts of that one profile.

Of course, it might be important to have profiles on different social media — just stick to one Twitter, one Facebook, etc.

9. Failing to Set up a Team Policy

If you have multiple people running your social media channels, everyone should be clear about just what kind of social media advertising you want to do. Everyone should be on the same page about tone, how to deal with trolls, etc.—otherwise, things could get wildly inconsistent.

Draft up a policy and get everyone on board.

10. Not Tracking

You should track your posts on social media, either visually or by using software if you want to get serious.

Usually, you can just track by looking, though. What posts get the most attention?

Is it photos? Posts that go up at a certain time of day?

By keeping an eye on that sort of thing, you can set yourself up for high engagement — and therefore, success!

Avoid These Social Media Marketing Mistakes for Success!

There are many social media marketing mistakes people can make. Social media can be a bit of a minefield, and it’s important to navigate with care and figure out exactly what works for you and your brand.

Once you’ve taken some time to figure out your strategy, you’ll be well on your way to success!

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