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Top 20 Image Galleries in jQuery


The most famous format on jQuery is galleries and sliders. Due to their presence, the user can apply suitable visual content and save space perfectly. Galleries allow you to make the page not too loaded and at the same time add all the necessary streameast pictures. They are in demand among online stores, blogs, and portfolios.

The most popular jQuery galleries include:

  • Bootstrap Slider – such a slider is offered free of charge. It is adapted to any phone, equipped with scrolling with the option of swiping and pressing, well adapted for all monitors and browsers;
  • Product Preview Slider – users note the decent quality and clean code of the presented plugin. This gallery shows the full potential of jQuery which can be built into different interfaces;
  • Expandable Image Gallery – This plugin is often used in the “About” section or while viewing data about a particular product. With the click of the mouse, it turns into a full-fledged gallery;
  • Fotorama – ideal for PC, and other gadgets. The image gallery plugin has different functions: keys for switching, scrolling, thumbnails, markers, automatic inclusion of slideshows;
  • Immersive Slider – with the help of such a plug-in, the user can view slides, because it is often compared with the Google TV slider. Here you can change the background picture, which is blurred by focusing on the main picture;
  • Least – helps to create a unique gallery. If you hover the cursor over the picture, the text will appear, and when you click, the open window will expand to the entire monitor;
  • Sliding Panels Template – often used to design a portfolio. With its help, blocks of images are created, which are located vertically and horizontally. The right content is tied to them;
  • Squeezebox Portfolio Template – the plugin provides unique motion effects that are great for portfolios. If you hover the mouse over the main image or block, the necessary elements will appear;
  • Shuffle Images is a fairly simple and lightweight plugin that allows you to create a gallery. The pictures will change in the case of the mouse hovering;
  • Free jQuery Lightbox Plugin – a feature consists of unique options: showing a different number of pictures on the screen, increasing them, and returning to the original parameters;
  • PgwSlider – Responsive slider for jQuery is a minimalistic slider that loads as quickly as possible;
  • Scattered Polaroids Gallery – the presented gallery is presented in an unusual flat design. All elements move randomly while switching pictures, which looks unusual;
  • Bouncy Content Filter – often included by the founders of various stores in the network. The plugin has many interesting settings, including the ability to navigate to different categories;
  • Simple jQuery Slider – this plugin combines JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5 elements. Users are offered a demo mode in which there is a quick loading of words and some content of a visual nature;
  • Glide JS is a fairly responsive and fast slider with simple settings, which takes up a minimum amount of space;
  • Fullscreen drag-slider with parallax – this option is used for various sites and portfolios. It features a unique parallax effect and gradual loading of words;
  • Suicide is a functional plugin with an interactive menu for navigation, which is added from any side;
  • Zoom Slider – a simple and easy gallery that allows you to enlarge the picture. It is often used by online stores;
  • Prism Effect Slider – the plugin is often used by bloggers. It is used to quickly add a logo to all pictures that are replaced by others while scrolling;
  • Responsive Parallax Drag-slider With Transparent Letters – here the user can add large words to the pictures, and customize the font, and its dimensions.

Galleries in jQuery will be the right choice for all modern sites. They help to save space and improve the appearance of the site.

Let’s sum it up

Image galleries presented on jQuery are used by online stores and various sites. They improve usability, and offer interesting effects and animations, making your project more memorable.

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