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Top 3 Critical Priorities When Launching A New Company In 2021

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Many entrepreneurs know all too well that crises should not be a reason to deter innovation. That’s probably why although the pandemic is far from over it is expected that there’ll be a flood of new small businesses opening up in 2021 according to analysis by McKinsey & Company.

Whether or not these new small businesses can stay afloat when many others have permanently closed in the last year remains to be seen. But what is certain is that aside from the economic challenges, any new company being launched in 2021 will also have to deal with the new reality of remote working at its decentralized operational environment.

Taking that into account, you should consider three critical priorities in particular when launching a company in 2021.


New companies often struggle with cybersecurity as they don’t have the resources for it. However at the same time the threat of data breaches is simply too large to ignore it entirely.

Although you may not be in a position to hire a dedicated cybersecurity department, you can at least take care of the basics. For example you could provide employees with basic cybersecurity and data management training or use employee monitoring software to guard against insider threats.

If you choose to use WorkExaminer you’ll have access to data on all the activities of your employees – from the websites they visit to the apps they run. It will also log any file transfers, and can monitor emails, IM conversations, and more. In short you will have everything you need to identify potential security risks in advance.


Nowadays there are numerous laws governing privacy and data security, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the California Consumer Protection and Privacy Act (CCPA). It is important that you check what regulations apply to your new company, and plan how to meet their requirements from the start.

It is worth noting that the manner in which you use WorkExaminer will be affected by these laws. Its features will let you carry out very close monitoring such as capturing keystrokes or screenshots – which some regulations may not permit. However on the flipside employee monitoring can be a crucial component to protect the data security of consumers by ensuring employees don’t have access to that data and preventing data breaches.


Last but certainly not least there’s the question of productivity. It is a common mistake to link productivity to long work hours, which is probably partly why 62% of employees suffer from burnout

In reality, productivity should be about striking a balance between work and rest, while maximizing results during work hours. To accomplish that you need to understand employee work habits, monitor employee work activity but link it to outcomes, and provide employees with the support they require.

Needless to say WorkExaminer can play a big role in improving productivity. Its reports will let you see what employees are working on, how active or idle they are during work hours, and analyze other aspects of their behavior. It will even calculate a productivity score and by linking that data to their work output, you can then determine how to support them best.


As you can see, each of these areas has a crucial part to play in the development and survival of your new company. And WorkExaminer can help on all three fronts, which is why you should visit website to find out more.

If you can prioritize the cybersecurity, compliance, and productivity of your company – it stands a much better chance of thriving despite the current uncertain economic climate.

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