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Top 5 Benefits of Using Laptop Sleeves


Your laptop is an incredibly important device because of its capabilities and essential information that may be stored on it. You should always be super careful with your laptop and do your best to avoid any drops or spills.

However, those kinds of things happen and it could cause damage to your laptop. A laptop sleeve can not only provide additional protection to your laptop, but it can also provide other benefits that you may not have realized.


Protection is the key benefit that is provided by a laptop sleeve. A laptop sleeve is typically made out of plastic or nylon. The point of a laptop sleeve is to almost act as an additional skin to the laptop.

Since these laptop covers are made of materials like plastic and nylon, it can help prevent damage to your computer from liquids. Without additional protection, the spilled liquid can seep into your laptop and cause damage to the circuitry. This additional layer can prevent the liquids from getting to your laptop.

It may also be able to give additional support to potential fall damage. When you drop your computer, you run the risk of causing internal and screen damage. A laptop sleeve can help lessen, or prevent, damage to your laptop.


A laptop sleeve can keep your laptop clean from potential dirt and debris that may land in it. You often bring your laptop around with you as you travel, which can expose it to a lot of dirt and debris. An extra layer prevents your laptop from these things.

Also, when you prevent your laptop from collecting dirt and debris, you do not have to clean it as much. This is more convenient than anything, but the less dirt that collects on your laptop the less time you have to waste cleaning your laptop.

You will have to now clean the laptop sleeve instead of your actual laptop but that is much easier than cleaning your laptop.


Many people customize their laptops with stickers and other things that represent their interests. Since you will be able to add another layer to your laptop, you may want to customize that too. You can choose to put stickers on your laptop sleeve as well, but there is a way to create custom laptop sleeves.

The company Custom Logo Cases makes a wide range of laptop sleeves including a neoprene sleeve, leather flap sleeve, leather stand sleeve, leather zip sleeve, custom design sleeve, custom size sleep, custom sleeve with pocket, and custom sleeve with handle. For more information you can visit

This company can create a sleeve that fits the dimensions of your laptop to provide proper support. They are also able to include many different graphics on the sleeve to customize to your specific interests.

Longer Laptop Lifespan

The longer lifespan of your laptop is a result of the protection and cleanliness that a laptop sleeve provides. The average lifespan of a laptop ranges from three to five years. A laptop sleeve may be able to help it get to the five-year mark if not longer.

Laptops are expensive pieces of technology so you will want them to last. While there are other internal things that may shorten the life of a laptop, a laptop sleeve is able to protect against any physical harm to a laptop.

Easier Storage

A laptop sleeve can provide easier storage as well. Since you should be extremely careful with your laptop, you may be hesitant to pack things on top of it in a bag.

With a laptop sleeve giving it added protection you can place things on top of it with a much smaller risk of damage. This will make packing and traveling with your laptop a much easier experience.


By no means is a laptop sleeve a necessity to have for your laptop. However, as you can see it provides a lot of benefits for you and your laptop. This accessory is also relatively cheap, so you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars to keep your laptop safe.

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