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Top Binary Options Trading Platforms


Binary options are characterized by a clear risk structure: potential losses or profits are recognized in advance. This simplifies risk management, but also limits possible rewards

How do binary options work? This happens as follows: a trader bets that an asset will become more expensive over a certain period, or vice versa, cheaper. There are only 2 potential outcomes: the investor receives a fixed amount of money for guessing correctly. And if his guess is wrong, he will lose the bet.

Earnings on options can be made by changing the price of an asset.

Binary options are characterized by a clear risk structure: potential losses or profits are recognized in advance. This simplifies risk management, but also limits possible rewards.

If you are ready to pay attention to market indicators in the above area, find out how software for binary options trading works and try your hand at transactions. The amount of possible earnings is sometimes impressive.

To trade options agreements, it is useful to know which platforms are considered the best in this matter.

How to Compare Brokers and Trading Platforms

To trade, you should use the services of a broker. There are certain parameters, factors that you should rely on for comparison, to help you choose which binary trading platform to open an account on. So, among the important factors for selecting a site are:

  • whether it is regulated or licensed (which authority is involved);
  • possible minimum deposit (amounts can vary from 5/10 to 250 dollars);
  • is a bonus program offered for new trading accounts, if so, what are the conditions for this;
  • are there detailed indicator charts with technical analysis;
  • is it possible to open a demo account?

They also pay attention to which platform has the best lists of assets, whether they can offer crypto, forex, or a commodity product. If yes, how much?

The following is also important:

  • what types of options are available;
  • where the maximum profit or better payouts are available;
  • Are there any additional tools – for example, a plugin, etc.
  • Is there robotic control on the platform or is it offered software for automatic trading;
  • what is the minimum transaction amount;
  • how the customer support service operates (whether consultations are provided by phone, e-mail or chat).

It is important which broker has the highest range of validity periods (half a minute or a minute, long-term period, end of day, etc.).

About regulated binary brokers

Licensing, as well as the possibility of regulation, are fundamental principles in selecting the optimal trading platform. If a broker is unregulated, this does not always mean unreliability or the possibility of fraud. However, a trader should be careful on such platforms and not start trading without finding out all the nuances.

As for regulated platforms, this option is the safest. The reliability of all processes is designed to ensure the correct storage of traders’ finances and to provide the opportunity for action when a controversial situation arises. Therefore, this should be the prevailing factor when it comes to selecting a trading partner.

Which platform is best for trading?

At first glance, it is difficult to name the optimal platform, because this, like top white label binary options, is a matter of personal preference. Some traders like the simplicity of the platform layout, others require a large amount of information to be displayed on the screen regularly.

However, the platforms have varying levels of quality, both in terms of ease of use and functionality.

This year, the following platforms may be worthy of traders’ attention. If you look at them briefly, each of them is the best in terms of certain characteristics and the availability of specific options:

  • IQ Option is overall the best binary options broker.
  • IQCent – large rewards are given for correct predictions.
  • BinaryCent is the most reliable.
  • eToro is the leading platform for beginners.
  • Nadex is a brokerage company in the USA.
  • CMC Markets is the highest rated platform for trading binary agreements.
  • OlympTrade is the best for international traders.
  • Binomo is considered a popular platform among professionals.
  • Expert Option is the best social platform.

Now let’s look at these sites in more detail.

Best Platforms

Each of the trading platforms below has its own characteristics. The options for replenishment/withdrawal of funds differ in each brokerage company.

IQ Option – popular as a binary options tool with access to an unpaid demo account. The minimum deposit required here to update a real account is ten dollars. A VIP account is required. Clients are advised on all issues via e-mail, chat, and telephone. This platform is regulated by the Cyprus Commission on Exchanges and Valuable Assets.

IQCent is rightfully the leader among resellers. This is possible thanks to impressive payouts. Traders have the opportunity to receive up to 98 percent profit from any transaction here. There is a comfortable modern interface that immediately shows available payments, expiration dates, signals/indicators, and transaction amounts. Regulates the IFMRRC platform.

BinaryCent is based in the Marshall Islands. It is focused on CFD and Forex. This is an excellent choice for both experienced traders and novice investors, since the required minimum and even low investment is required. This platform offers several account variations for users.

Nadex – gained popularity as the North American Securities Exchange. The platform is considered quite popular in the world among those who trade binary options. It receives regulation from the CFTC (represents commodity futures trading). The activities on this platform are clear to every trader, as they are quite simple.

Europe Platform

CMC Markets is a UK forex broker. Binary options trading has been possible here for almost a decade. The operation of this platform is regulated by several financial authorities, which are considered leading worldwide. Among them is the FCA, which supervises finance.

Olymp Trade is a Cypriot platform within FinaCom. Traders of various levels have access to it. Regulation in this case is carried out by the International Finance Commission.

Binomo is a member of the International Financial Commission. The platform is ready to offer binary agreements, CFDs, crypto, Forex. Registration took place in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines,

Expert Option – more than a hundred option agreements are available here. This platform receives regulation from FMRRC and VFSC (the Commission is located in Vanuatu). Prompt customer support service is just a phone call away.

Deriv – was previously called Binary. This is one of the pioneering platforms that has come up with an offer to users to trade binary agreements. This platform receives regulation from three bodies (at the state level), these are:

  • Vanuatu;
  • Malaysia;
  • Malta.

On Deriv you have access to exchange contracts themselves, as well as cryptocurrencies, Forex, metals, commodities, etc.

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