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Top Future Technology Ideas That Will Change Our World

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It is 2020, and we have already seen numerous incredible technological progress leaving many people wondering how can it be possible when there was a time, not too long past; no such things occur at all. The achievement hasn’t been too simple, where we stand now, behind the scenes, hides a long-struggling route. Man is born with something called ‘fascination’ which leads him time and time again to push his borders, and the result is the most recent technologies in a lot of areas of existence, from leaving the ground to space and also to plan the invention of AI robots.

In that post, you will know about world’s future technologies that are yet to be launched or already exist in the whole world but with some or high constraints and need to be touched up. Let’s discuss these future technologies one by one. 

Car’s Auto-Piloting Feature

Industry researchers have been trying hard to develop such vehicles that don’t need driver’s dependency at all, but they are not able to make them fully autonomous as of yet. Companies like Tesla have launched Model X and S cars that have this “auto-pilot” feature. Still, they operate under specified conditions like within a specific geographic location and good weather. Such efforts of the “auto-mobile” industry tell us that you will have 99.99% autonomous cars to be available in the future.

High-Speed Trains

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The Maglev train is considered to be the fastest trains on earth that use magnets to float carriages above the ground without the need for wheels. By 2027, it is suspecting that the new Maglev train would reach the top speed of 314 mph. While China is testing a 1000 km/hour super maglev train that is currently in a research phase. It is an indication that the world is going to have super speed trains in the future.

Car Batteries That Charge in 10 Mins

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Automobile organizations are fighting to go it alone from the old era. One such example is Volkswagen’s venture with Ford to spend $7 billion in Argo AI, a startup focusing on creating autonomous automobiles. 

Moreover, you can see many advancements in the car industry, like hybrid cars or self-driving vehicles. Tesla cars both S and X model are the perfect examples of both self-driving and electric car that has zero petrol consumption. Researchers have been trying to cut down the battery charging time from 10 hours to 10 mins. So in the near future, you will see that car batteries will be charged in less than or equal to 10 mins.

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