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Turkesterone vs Ecdysterone a Scientific Review

Both ecdysterone and turkesterone can assist grow lean muscle mass and improve muscle protein synthesis, and they have more similarities than differences.

However, we only propose ecdysterone or turkesterone to people who have previously optimized every other aspect of their workout routine.

This implies that programming, food, recuperation, and sleep must all be completely tuned. If they aren’t, you’re most likely squandering your money. If so, ecdysterone and turkesterone could be able to assist you in reaching new heights.

So, if you want to know the scientific review of these two supplements, stay tuned with us.

Turkesterone – Overview

Turkesterone is one of the key bioactive chemicals found naturally in Ajuga turkestanica. It is a plant better known for its adaptogenic, anabolic, hepatoprotective, and hypoglycemic properties in traditional medicine. 

This anabolic steroid is found in many insects, non-arthropod invertebrates, and many plant species, similar to other ecdysteroids such as ecdysterone (20-hydroxyecdysone).

Turkesterone belongs to the ecdysteroids family of anabolic chemicals found in plants, arthropods, and certain fungi that govern insect molting and metamorphosis and may potentially have a function in reproduction. 

Turkesterone has anti-stress properties, which can help to stimulate muscle growth by lowering cortisol levels in the body. 

It can also activate the notch receptors in skeletal muscle, which aids the development of stem cells into new muscle cells.

Ecdysterone – Overview

Ecdysterone increases lean mass growth by activating the beta estrogen receptor (ER).

This is significant because ER signaling regulates skeletal muscle development and regeneration by activating satellite cells, boosting anabolic pathways, and modifying immunological function.

Furthermore, ecdysterone has been hypothesized to enhance muscle protein synthesis by stimulating the PI3K/Akt signaling pathway directly or indirectly.

Most significantly, ecdysterone does not interact with the androgen receptor, therefore it will not produce suppression or any other undesirable side effects associated with the use of AAS.

Researchers discovered that ecdysterone supplementation in healthy human participants did not result in an increase in biomarkers that would suggest liver or kidney damage, proving that ecdysterone is not only effective but also safe.

Similarities And Differences

Both of them are ecdysteroids.They’re neither anabolic nor androgenic steroids.They both provide equal advantages.Neither has a lot of hazardous side effects.Turkesterone is an ecdysterone analog.
A human experiment on ecdysterone has been published, but no such thing has been done on turkesterone.Turkesterone may be somewhat more anabolic than testosterone.

Turkesterone Vs. Ecdysterone – Scientific Claim

Over the last four decades, much progress has been achieved in the study of ecdysteroids and phytoecdysteroids, yet many concerns concerning their biological impact on people remain unanswered. 

These chemicals have the potential for muscle growth, fat reduction, and athletic performance, but more human data is needed to fully understand their function in the body. 

In fact, in higher animals, the mechanism of action of ecdysterone and turkesterone is virtually completely unknown. However, the current study has led to the discovery of probable mechanisms.

Nonetheless, sports supplement companies are getting ahead of the game by developing muscle-building/anabolic formulations including ecdysterone and turkesterone. After all, supplement aficionados are naturally drawn to anything natural that has been alleged to have anabolic steroid-like effects.

While the potential advantages of turkesterone and ecdysterone are promising, the lack of regulation and quality in supplements containing these substances is problematic. Many samples of supplements containing ecdysterone were found to be 99.7% less than the label stated in a recent study.

That might alter as research progresses and we gain greater confidence in our ability to get turkesterone. Until then, we advise care and skepticism when it comes to ecdysteroid supplements since they are unlikely to contain a sufficient amount of ecdysterone and turkesterone.

Final Verdict

Turkesterone pills are becoming increasingly popular among gym-goers and athletes trying to bulk up and enhance their body composition. 

So, it’s not really difficult to propose an ecdysterone or turkesterone pill to these fitness enthusiasts who want to gain muscle mass quickly or have a sports tournament coming up. 

Not that we believe ecdysteroid supplementation is false, because preliminary research suggests otherwise. To completely understand how ecdysteroids function and what dose is ideal for ergogenic benefits, we simply need additional high-quality human trials.

Until then, stay safe, and consume these supplements in a lower dose.

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