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Unique Baskets: 5 Awesome Easter Basket Ideas for Your Kids

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How the Easter basket originated is debated, though according to European folklore, a rabbit left colored eggs in baskets for children representing new life as in the resurrection. When Europeans immigrated to America, they brought the tradition with them.

To Christians today, Easter is not complete without an Easter basket.

Are you hoping to bring some extra joy to your children this Easter? The Easter basket is the best place to start! Who doesn’t love waking up on Easter to find a basket full of goodies? Unique baskets are even better!

Are you bored with the same traditional Easter baskets? Looking for some new Easter basket ideas? Stick with us to learn about five unique baskets for Easter that your kids will love.

1. Arts and Crafts Basket

Fill the basket with things like sidewalk chalk and sidewalk paint, a rock painting kit, wooden building kits, decorate your own water bottle kit, or kinetic sand kits with molds and tools.

This is the basket that keeps on giving because instead of devouring a baskets-worth of candy in a day and a half, arts and craft supplies will keep your kids busy in the coming months.

2. Girlie Girl Basket

Do you have a daughter who loves all things girlie? Why not fill her basket with things like hair ties, hair clips, lip gloss, a new bathing suit for summer, and hair styling products?

She’ll also love a tie-dye kit to DIY some of her tanks or hoodies and some fashion jewelry.

3. Outdoor Toys Basket

Are your kids ready to get outside now that spring has sprung? Tuck some great outdoor toys in their baskets. Choose from things like a gravity-defying moonball, an updated frisbee called flywaze, inflatable lawn darts, a wave runner skidder ball, or a water bottle rocket launcher.

4. Boy Toy Basket

Looking for some boy-themed ideas? Look for things like baseball cards, table-top basketball games, skit bots, or battling robots called ninja bots.

5. Tech-Themed Basket

Do you have a techy you’re trying to please? A tech-themed basket will win them over. Include the latest earbuds, a silicone cover for their earbud case, a mini speaker, or a charging station for their gadgets. Throw in some gift cards for games or music to complete the theme.

Looking for a way to sit down with your kids to learn about Jesus, why He came and what His resurrection calls us to do? Check out these Easter movies!

Unique Baskets for Your Easter Holiday

Now that you’ve learned some ideas for unique baskets, are you ready to make a new Easter tradition? Easter basket stuffers can be as unique as the person receiving the Easter basket. There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to gift-giving.

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