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What Are The Side Effects of Magnetic Therapy?


Magnetic field therapy makes use of a variety of magnets on the body to improve your overall health. It may help to treat different conditions.

Categories of Magnetic field therapy

·   Static magnetic field therapy

·   Electromagnetic therapy

Working of  magnetic therapy

Your body by itself has magnetic and electric fields. All your molecules possess a small quantity of magnetic energy in them. The thought behind magnetic therapy is that various issues take place simply because your magnetic fields are out of balance. When you place a magnetic field close to your body, it is believed things will move back to normal.

Ions such as calcium and potassium assist your cells to deliver signals. In experiments, scientists have seen how these ions behave when the magnetic field changes. However, so far, there isn’t proof that magnets have a similar impact on cells when they’re in your human body.

Side effects of magnetic field therapy

Making use of pumps for healing pain is more and more popular with the community.  However, regardless of this popularity, there is an absence of scientific research to prove magnets have any therapeutic advantage. As electromagnetic therapies produce a wide range of interactions inside the body, some uncomfortableness is not abnormal with early treatment. However, these negative effects only take place about five percent of the time and when PEMF therapy has just started. In addition, minimal adverse reactions, in general, take place with whole-body and not with local treatments.

Most of these side effects are mild and short-lived and normally stop with the continuation of therapy. Furthermore, these side effects are more common and not comfortable for those with electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It is very rare}that {users|consumers|people} need to {discontinue|cease} magnetic therapy due to negative side effects.


For patients who are suffering from serious or too much pain, extreme use of pain medication can cause internal bleeding, stomach problems, resistance, and even addiction to some of the painkillers. PEMF therapy is consequently used as a suitable alternative. However, generally, there are also a few unfavorable effects that are connected with PEMF as far as pain removal is concerned. For example, the pain may for a short time increase, which may have adverse effects on some patients.


Some other side negative effects of PEMF are a fall in blood pressure and a reduction in the heart rate. This side effect can be disastrous to some patients, especially if the patient is more aged or if the patient has some problems in the cardio system. People who have been under bed rest for a long time may also be adversely affected.


Frequently, there is a significant decrease in blood sugar levels just after PEMF has been begun. This should be used as a safety measure for patients who have difficulty regulating their blood sugar levels. PEMF also encourages coagulation or blood clotting. It should therefore not be used at the same time with aspirin and other anticoagulant medications.


Other side negative effects of using PEMF comes with fatigue on exertion, sleep disturbances, loss of energy or interest in day-to-day routines, faintness, and increased urination. Patients may also have thoughts of warm or cold. The skin sensations differ from individual to individual because different individuals show different levels of sensitivity to magnetic and electric fields.

PEMF therapy also impacts the use of nutrients and other medications in the body. For instance, PEMF therapy is contraindicated for patients who are under chemo. This is because PEMF \boosts}cell growth and restoration, and so it may improve the proliferation of cancer cells. Therefore, PEMF therapy has a consequence that is antagonistic to chemotherapeutic medications.

At the start about ten minutes of PEMF, the body cells get exercised, which indicates that they go through minor stretching and relaxation. Oxygen content in cells enhances while toxins exit from the cells. In insight of these physiological variations, some side negative effects are experienced, for instance, vomiting, nausea, headaches lethargy, and muscle aches.


Many medical experts think about PEMF therapy as a generally secure and non-invasive strategy. Most of the side negative effects vanish or minimize as the therapy progresses and the body gets more and more familiar with PEMF therapy.  Just take very good care when selecting a PEMF therapy brand.

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