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What do you need to start monetizing your account on Instagram?


Many people have the delusion that to start making money on Instagram you need to gain thousands of subscribers and have a huge blog that would be known at least in several countries. This is not true – the chances to monetize your account are there almost from the very beginning, and you should realize that and look for ways of doing it. Why is this possible? Mainly, because bigger brands and companies are always looking for micro-influencers with small but loyal audiences. It increases their chances of actual communication with people who are interested in their products, and bloggers are their channel towards them. 

Monetizing on Instagram

However, what exactly do you need to start monetizing your page? Depending on your aims. If they match what we have written in the previous paragraph, you’d need to spend some time gathering your first hundreds of subscribers, and from that moment on you can await offers to cooperate with other brands. Of course, you’d need to make some moves towards that as well – for example, comment on their pages or even contact them in dm’s yourself. This is not hard, it just takes some time and thought to compose the right type of message and the right tone of voice. But if you’re interested in something bigger than that, you definitely need some help from aside. Gaining several hundreds of subs is hard, and when it comes to several thousand it gets even harder. But where do you look for help and what kind of help do you need to fasten the process up efficiently? 

You can either hire a professional SMM manager, or you can buy Instagram followers, likes and other features for quicker development of your profile. But how is that development, if you’re faking the parameters of your page? You see, paid services can boost the process of your account’s growth by “faking” the overall successful look of your page and attracting people to interact with the content. If they see that somebody else has already liked what you have posted, people will more willingly check your content out and can even stay as permanent subscribers. Plus, if you buy real Instagram followers, you’re sufficiently increasing the chances of Instagram showing your content to other potentially interested people. But if you purchase fake subs that will come from bots, you can harm your page’s statistics, as Instagram will see that your account is being attacked by fakes. From that moment on it will perceive your profile as fake as well. Your content won’t be shown as Instagram recommended to other potentially interested people. 

This is a situation that nobody wants to get into, so you should be very careful with what you’re buying and what for. Plus, if you’re willing to make the process look as natural as possible, you should pay your attention to how many subs you’re buying and in what time period. The smartest way to make it look organic would be choosing the right subscription, where subs and other promo features would be delivered to your page regularly, let’s say weekly or monthly. Those cost the same Instagram but free you from the need to regularly repurchase packages of subs and thumbs up (and you’d have to do it until your page will be able to provide itself with the regular increase of subs and thumbs up by itself) and you will be able to even forget that you’re going through the process of promotion at all simonparkes org blog

However, the key to success lies not in the paid services, but in the effort and the compassion that you’re showing to your audience. If people have to choose between two pages, and the owner of the first one is always online and is here for their questions and communication, and the second one has a bigger blog, but they are barely there for their audience – guess 711719541028, whom people are going to choose. It’s easy: everybody wants to have more friends, and if you will be able to be friendly and open to as many people as possible, they are going to quickly love you and get used to your presence in their feed. So if you don’t have time to interact with your people, make sure that you have a person who’s going to do that for you – having a social media manager is a very convenient thing on Instagram, and many bloggers and small brand owners have them as helpers.

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