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What is DAV File and How to Open It

DAV File

Everyone knows about CCTV DAV File Cameras, as they are utilized to protect our stuff from being stolen. CCTV cameras record the video, and keep the backup for some previous days. These records are saved in DAV file type. The most important is that the DAV is the most secure and protected file type that one can use to keep the one’s data safe. Moreover, videos in DAV file type, cannot be modified, nor edited by using players or tools.

DAV File

DAV is an encrypted video file which is mostly recorded using CCTV Cameras, and other digital recorders. The most important thing about DAV file type is that it can neither be modified, edited or played by using tools. The reason is that these files use modified MPEG compression which does not allow any tool to edit or modify the video.

Ways to Open DAV File

There is special software that we can use to open file, and use these files. Every software uses different ways to open these files, and play them. Here we will talk about some of them.

As we talked earlier, DAV file cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. People who create DAV file, can use it. The reason is that footage is automatically saved in this format, and people who run that particular organization whose footage is captured, can watch it. DAV File cannot be played by any tool. However, there are DAV Player software that can play DAV File.

Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player can play your DAV files on Mac, and also supports TV. Samsung TV, Sony TV, LG TV and smart TVs are supported on this player. You can either play your audio or video file on Elmedia Player. You will have the best resolution and the finest sound quality in this software application.

The best thing is that you can access the subtitles for your video or movie online through this software. In this way, this player for DAV files is highly recommended and used by Mac Users.  No other option will be better than this if you are going to play DAV File on your Mac.


PotPlayer is also highly recommended application when it comes to playing DAV file. This software gives you the smoothest playback ever, and there are many formats that it supports. There is no background noise or sound issue when you are using PotPlayer.

You will have a clear sound, and no shuttering or lagging ever exists while you are using this software. PotPlayer has the best GPU hardware decoding which can even play your 4K resolution videos. The outstanding feature is live broadcasting.

Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player

All these software applications can perfectly play your DAV files, and some are extremely perfect. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player provides the users with every format, and this application gives the best interface to its users. It can open the DVD disc, folder and ISO file. Greatly, it can be the MKV Player to open the Blu-ray ripped MKV lossless movies. Aiseesoft Blu-ray Player plays your video in the highest resolution.

5K Player

5K Player is the simplest way to play your DAV file, and for ease, you can also get this player on your Android or iPhone to utilize it. This software does not distort your video quality, rather maintains it. Moreover, this software has a very user-friendly interface. Make it sure to save your DAV file to your computer.

This is how this procedure carries out:

  • Run your 5K Player on your computer.
  • You can either drop the DAV file or select the DAV file from your computer to be played.
  • It will process your video in no time, and play your DAV video file, keeping the original quality of the video.

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is a good and recommended DAV player. This software has many tools that you can easily use. Moreover, this software has the best quality sound as output. There are many other huge formats that are available in this software. It works on various operating systems. You get the customization feature, and adjusting your screen as you want is also available.


  • AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player offers its free version which has all the tools to offer you, devoid of any charges.
  • This supports Blu-ray and DVD player as well.
  • AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player has open source to Mac and Windows.


MPlayer is widely used, and it has very premium and outstanding features. This software supports every operating system. It is an open-source and free media player application. This software application can be used on Windows, Linux or OS X. There are many skins available to use in this software.

Here is how this process should be carried out:

  • Run MPlayer on your Windows, Linux or OS X.
  • There will be the interface of opening a DAV file.
  • You can either drag or open your DAV file.
  • The video will be played, and you can enjoy uninterrupted interface media player.


We have discussed many DAV Players which you can use on your operating system. Each player uses different methods and interfaces to play such files. Some are the easiest to use, and you can simply drag your DAV files, and play them. On the other hand, you can also use the application which gives you the best quality and highest resolution.

Like, 5K Player keeps your original quality, and plays the DAV File. In this way, every application is specialized in its way, and we can easily use each software application. Most of the software applications are free, and you will not require to buy any subscription to use these applications.

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