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What Is Halal Nail Polish and Why Do You Need to Try It Out Today?

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Many people have problems when they use traditional nail polish. Some of these include chipping off immediately and having to spend a lot of time to get the mani-pedi done. That would no longer be a problem because there have been many developments in the materials producing halal nail polish. Now, the industry has what they call halal nail polish. If you do not know anything about this type of nail polish, below are the basics about it and why you should try it now.

How Is It Different?

Unlike the polish that people used in the past, the halal nail polish lets oxygen and moisture pass through. They are developed to be breathable, not to chip easily, and protect your nails from damage when using nail polish.

This type of nail polish is porous and permeable. It means that it allows air and moisture to reach the nails so that there is still circulation of oxygen even in this part of the body. With this feature, the nail’s natural integrity is maintained. Hence, chipping and peeling get minimised.

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Is It Halal?

Although this nail polish carries the word “halal” with it, it is not necessarily halal. Only specific brands are halal, and these are for Muslim women. They need permeable nail polish because it allows them to perform wudu, the ritual washing performed by their religion before prayer. With halal nail polish, they can do the ritual washing without any trouble and without waiting for a long time before they are sure that the water seeped through their nails despite having polish.

Muslims believe that when wudu does not get done properly, their whole prayer is invalidated. Hence, Muslim women needed nail polish that would allow them to do wudu properly.

Any person can use this kind of nail polish. It just so happens that it targets Muslim women and initially wanted to cater to them.

Why Make the Switch to Halal Nail Polish? 

There are many reasons why experts are in favour of this new kind of polish. The reasons are:

Healthier for Your Nails

Like what was mentioned above, this type of nail polish lets your nail breathe more and continue getting oxygen and moisture. Many people have to take a break in between manicure and pedicure sessions because they need to let their nails breathe. However, the halal nail polish will eliminate that need. Since it is already designed to let your nails breathe, you no longer have to skip a manicure or pedicure session.

Fewer Chemicals Involved

Ordinary nail polishes contain a lot of chemicals. However, this type of nail polish is considered free from a lot of these chemicals. It is why they are considered the safest and non-toxic.

Dries Faster

To skip the time, you need to dry your nails, this type of nail polish dries faster. You can then spend less time at the salon and do more important things on your list.

Lasts Longer

These breathable and permeable nail polishes last longer because the oil that builds up in ordinary polishes is no longer present in this more advanced type of polish. The oil causes the chipping of the polish. Because your natural oils get to move freely and eventually off of your nails when you use halal nail polish, chipping is a less frequent problem you have to deal with.

Countless companies in the market are available, offering this new type of nail polish. However, purchase from the companies that care about your nail health. They should be passionate about delivering you only the best because you deserve the best. They should also think about the planet and produce products that do not harm the Earth.

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