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What Is Packaging Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

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7 in 10 consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions.

Your product’s packaging is the first impression your company makes on your customers. And no matter how good your product is, you’re in trouble if you use cheap or unappealing packaging, especially if you’re selling luxurious products.

To build your brand the right way, you need to consider packaging marketing. But what if you’ve never heard of this term before?

Don’t worry, because our guide has you covered. Keep reading to learn all about what marketing is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to best complement your brand and your products.

What Is Packaging Marketing?

While packaging should protect your product from damage while it’s shipped to your customer, your is also a vital part of your marketing strategy.

Remember that the definition of marketing is that you are communicating the value of your product or service to your customers.

So, the labels and you use also need to reflect the value of your brand (and not only the product itself).

For example, imagine that your company sells luxury scarves. Now imagine that you shipped your product to the customer in a cheap plastic sleeve that neither protects the scarf nor looks luxurious.

Can you see how this kind of packaging would damage your brand strategy?

Now that we’ve clarified what packaging marketing is, let’s dive into why it’s important for your business to focus on your packaging just as much as your product.

Stand Out From the Crowd

If your product is going to be on the shelves of brick-and-mortar stores, your marketing needs to focus on graphic design and how your product can stand out from its competitors on the shelves.

In this case, you can use different colors, fonts, and images that stand out from what your competitors are doing.

And if your product will be shipped to the consumer, you want to focus on how you can help build your brand and get your customer excited about your product.

In both instances, you can use creative to make your product stand out and delight the customer at the same time.

For example, Alex Creamer’s NYC spaghetti comes packaged like the famous Chrysler Building in New York.

By choosing to package an everyday item this way, Creamer made sure that the spaghetti stands out, whether it’s on a shelf or delivered in a box.

Build Your Brand

You can also use your packaging to build your brand.

For example, think about how Amazon packages most of its products in simple cardboard boxes.

Yet, there is no mistaking where the branded came from, as the Amazon logo is all over the tape used on the box.

When you design , you need to think about how that will build your brand. If you treat it as an afterthought, you’ll damage your brand and lose trust with your audience.

This is because throwing your products into a box doesn’t create the impression of a brand that cares about each element of the customer experience.

Instead, use the as another tool to show the customer what your brand is about.

Going back to our luxury scarf example, how can a brand like this use its to show that it’s a luxury brand? Does it use minimalist fonts? Is the box the scarf comes in made of high-quality materials? Can a customer keep the scarf in the box for storage?

If customers see that your matches your branding, they’re much more likely to buy from you than if you threw your product into a cheap sleeve and ignored the customer experience.

Entice Customers

Remember that your packaging should also entice and excite your customers. When customers get their package, they should feel delighted to open it.

Interesting packaging can also spur curiosity in other people who see your package being delivered.

Think about how many influencers go on social media and do unboxing videos. If you look up these types of videos in your niche, you can get some inspiration for what kinds of packaging get customers excited.

Then, you can use some of these ideas to improve your own packaging.

If you’re not sure what will entice customers, get a few ideas together and do some packaging design testing.

Packaging tests help you see what resonates most with customers, so you can finalize your design.

Show Care

Whenever you’re engaging with creative marketing, you also need to use it to show care. This means showing care for the customer and care for the environment.

First of all, you can show care for the customer by making sure the package is easy to open. Remember that difficult to open packaging can be enough to make customers leave a bad review, so be sure to consider this factor.

You can also show customer care by putting helpful tips on your packaging, such as telling customers how to use your product or how to set it up.

Next, you can show care for the environment by using environmentally-friendly packaging.

This could be done by using post-consumer recycled materials like cardboard. You can also use biodegradable plastic made from plant-based sources.

Doing both of these things in your packaging will build trust with your audience and show that your brand cares about more than just making a profit.

Keep Packaging Marketing a Priority

Packaging marketing should be as much of a priority as your product.

Not only is your packaging the first thing customers see, but it should reflect who you are as a brand and the overall experience you want to give your customers.

You also want to make sure your packaging is easy to open and adds to your product experience, so that you keep your customers coming back again and again.

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