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What Is Streaming and How Do They Make Money?


These days, anyone can become a broadcaster on their home channel Streaming. Musicians can broadcast their music, gamers can play computer games, and teachers can teach various subjects. This way you have an opportunity to share your skills but also earn money.

What is Streaming and How Do They Earn?

Streamers, the creators and broadcasters of streaming shows, can make money from their channel in several ways:

  1. An affiliate program with a streaming platform: platform developers are ready to cooperate with famous authors, offering them to show third-party advertising. 
  2. Subscription: Users who watch an author’s streams can subscribe to his channel and get specific bonuses. Part of the money earned from subscriptions the platform takes for itself, and the other platform gives to the streamer.
  3. Donate remittances that users send directly to the streamer in gratitude for his work. The amount of remuneration is not limited. This form of support and sponsors’ advertisement forms the basis of the streamers’ income.
  4. Advertising on the streamer’s channel: a concerned brand can ask a popular author to advertise its products on the channel. When ordering the streaming app development, the streamer should consider the possibility of such integration. 

The demand makes the streaming app development a demanded service. 

What Ways to Integrate Brand in Streaming

You can integrate your company’s ads into a streaming service using the following tools:

  1. Integration into content is the most native way to promote a brand, although users almost always immediately guess by such ads.
  2. Integration into messages: channel viewers can ask the streamer to publish some news on the broadcast screen.
  3. Integration into the channel description.
  4. Background integration: a non-clickable banner with the broadcast, usually placed in the corner or at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Streaming title integration.

The Best Streaming Platforms

While most people have heard of a few streaming services, there are many more. Not all of them are focused on games: there are platforms dedicated to lifestyle and platforms that successfully mix different types of content. Even the famous Twitch, originally a strictly gamer service, eventually allowed “just chatting” sessions. Let’s take a look at the best streaming platforms.


Twitch is the place where the real stars shine. A place of scandal, intrigue, and frequent unfair blocking. But there’s one thing you need to know about Twitch: it’s the most robust live streaming platform in the world, and it boasts a host of technical features. These include channel customization, clip creation, raids, voting, and streaming to your channel while you’re offline. 


A platform without which it’s already impossible to imagine modern society. Naturally, such a huge corporation as Google couldn’t avoid the mass streamer craze. That is why YouTube also has all the necessary functionality for live broadcasts. The main advantage is the storage of recordings for an unlimited amount of time, which allows you to save space on your hard drive or avoid bothering with the export of content from other sources.


Virtually every social network today allows you to broadcast live from any source, whether it’s a PC screen or a mobile camera. However, you can hardly expect to get serious results on any of the social networks. Broadcasting is not a priority for them.

Unlike domestic services, is a platform for Asian countries with the appropriate localization. Here they stream everything from their lives to games, and every content finds its viewer. Of course, there is chat, a variety of emoticons, donations, and other options. 

Other Platforms

There are many of them — NiMO TV, BOOYAH, DLive, and others, but because of geographical, linguistic, and cultural features, there is no reason to focus on them. 

How to Set Up a Streaming

Set up a Streaming user needs to prepare the equipment: choose a powerful computer, pick up a quality camera, microphone, chromakey. Then, professional streamers order the streaming app development. Also, the streamer needs services for video recording, settings of donations and subscriptions, and programs for chatting and notifications.

Some of the most popular platforms for streaming video recording today are Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit Broadcaster. The first product is a free, open-source program developed by the OBS project and a community of independent developers. The second platform, Xsplit Broadcaster, is available to users only by subscription ($4.17 to $8.32 per month).

Professionals of live streaming app development, so Xsplit Broadcaster is easy to install, but this software requires reinstallation for each platform. On the other hand, open Broadcaster Software is more complicated to install, but once you set up the program, you do not need to set it up again. In addition, OBS offers a wide range of elastic parameters and is less demanding on the computer. 

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Live Streaming App Development

With the increasing bandwidth of Internet channels, streaming app development has become very popular. Depending on the purpose of the broadcast, all such applications can be divided into two categories:

  1. Video monitoring utilities. These are programs for capturing and viewing video from the web and other types of cameras (video monitoring utilities).
  2. Programs broadcast video from the computer screen and display running applications, including games.

Video capture utilities are highly stable and contain many specific features such as motion detection recording and analog device support. In addition, streaming app development allows any wishes to be fulfilled. 

The Reasons We Need Live Streaming Chats

Chat is a crucial element of a streamer. If a streamer rebroadcasts for several platforms, it is unlikely that they can perform a full-fledged live stream without chat. Viewers from resources with a small audience in the half-empty chats feel lonely and do not linger on the channel. 

Streamers advise paying particular attention to such viewers and reading their messages in the first place. And putting these messages in the general stream on the broadcast screen creates a good condition for the user to stay on the channel. So the streaming app development should take all this into account.

Experienced channel authors state that chat reading should be a must for any streamer, and placing chat on the streaming screen is highly desirable for channel promotion. In addition, some viewers unfold the stream in full screen on the computer or view lives from portable devices, so it’s more convenient for them to see the chat directly on the broadcast screen.

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