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What Kind Of Light Therapy Works Best For Eczema?


With over 30 million in just America are suffering from these conditions. Eczema and psoriasis happen to be one of the most common skin conditions that affect people. The unfortunate part here is that the treatment for these conditions is not very clear, and the current solutions available in the market are not up to the mark.

In news that is a bit more promising, red light therapy has been found to be extremely effective at combating the symptoms of these conditions. Recent studies have been able to determine that this form of therapy really can help with reducing itchiness and redness.

What current treatment modalities are lacking

When we talk about eczema, what we are referring to are conditions that are related to the skin. Psoriasis is a much more different and also a much more complex autoimmune condition. The reason that they are often grouped together is that they both cause the skin to get inflamed and itchy. This also is very difficult to treat. As of yet, there are no treatments available that can get rid of these conditions. This is why managing the condition properly is such an important aspect of keeping these conditions in check. There are a lot of patients who use anti-allergy meds and/or prescription drugs and/or ointments. However, the efficacy of these treatment options is not that great, and they often come with side effects.

It was with the hope of seeking a treatment option that was different from the ones described above that researchers got into looking at the effectiveness of red light therapy on these conditions. While there still needs to be a lot of work to be done, the initial findings are extremely encouraging. This has given researchers the incentive to dig deeper.

Studies have been able to conclude that Red Light Therapy is indeed an effective management method for these conditions. This type of light therapy has been known to reduce both itchiness and also to swell that result from these conditions. Regular red light therapy really does have the potential to ease a lot of the symptoms associated with Eczema and Psoriasis. The main areas they were able to notice improvements in are the following:

Flaking skin (pityriasis)

Gooseflesh-like bumps (follicular keratosis)

Pimples or swelling (papules)

Reddening (erythema)

The studies looked into the levels of itchiness that were present before, during, and after sessions of Red Light Therapy. They were able to determine that the patients happened to pick their skin a lot less, and they also had fewer patches that were leathery when they got treated with this type of light therapy.

Another major finding that is a major reason to get excited is that these studies also found little to no side effects as a result of this treatment modality. In fact, researchers are so hopeful about this form of treatment that they think it will be the standard form of therapy for Eczema.

While consistency is of prime importance in these types of treatments, even irregular use of this form of treatment was able to provide positive results for the patients involved.

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What The Research Says About The Efficacy Of Red Light Treatment

When it comes to the type of light therapy that researchers have been able to determine as the most effective for these kinds of issues is Red Light Therapy. There exists a whole host of different types of light therapy, and they all can contribute positively to the general well-being of a person. However, researchers suggest that if you are to use light therapy for the treatment of Eczema and Psoriasis, you will be best off with red light therapy. This is the type of light therapy that has been studied for use in the treatment of these conditions, and according to these studies, red light therapy is the most effective.

Red light therapy has been found to be very helpful in eczema treatment in many proper laboratory studies. The results obtained are the best when it is done in conjunction with other types of treatments. A lot of different treatment types have been looked into that works well with red light therapy. This includes things such as sophisticated drugs which are immunosuppressive to things as simple as warm baths. A study in 2013 looked into the benefits of combining light therapy and drugs which are immunosuppressive. The benefits that they were able to determine are as follows.

Restores the skin barrier

Reduces inflammation in the skin

Drastically reduces the severity of lesions in the skin.

In a study that was very similar in nature to the one described above and was conducted by the same main researcher, the effects of combining red light therapy and warm water baths were looked into. When researchers combined red light therapy along with hot baths for the treatment of eczema, they found that it drastically reduced the formation of lesions in the skin. They also found that the combination of these two types of treatments was able to drastically suppress allergic reactions as well.

A study that was done in 2017 made use of SCORAD. This is a type of clinical tool that measures how powerful the eczema present in the patient is. Researchers were able to determine that when treated with red light therapy, it dramatically reduced the thickness of the skin. It also reduced the formation of cells that are responsible for causing allergies and also the formation of dead cells that build up in a part of the skin known as the epidermis.

There needs to be a lot more research done on the topic, and newer trials are already underway. However, the existing body of research that is currently available is extremely promising, and it does point to a lot of use of this type of therapy in combating eczema and psoriasis. This type of treatment won’t make the condition go away, but it has been found to be extremely effective in managing the symptoms of these conditions.

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