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What Makes The ‘BLIK’ Polish Payment Method Unique?


The mobile payment field has witnessed immense growth and taking advantage of this revolution is BLIK. The product of six Polish banks, BLIK enables swift transactions for over 8 million users. Whether making cashless payments at brick-and-mortar retailers or online stores or withdrawing and depositing cash at an ATM, BLIK has your back when carrying out your transactions.

It’s not only the e-commerce market where you can use to your advantage. If you’re an avid gamer—video games or online casinos—you can take advantage of unique features to play your favourite games. You can deposit funds to an online casino of your choice if you have your bank’s app on your phone and a reliable internet connection. If you don’t have a casino in mind, you can check out top casino reviews on kasynoonlineblik to make the best choice. 

Apart from BLIK, there are other notable mobile payment methods you’ll come across as you carry out your online transactions.

Online Payment Methods

Credit Cards

Credit cards bring to mind services such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Credit cards form the bulk of online transactions globally and require you to input your card details on the eCommerce platform. One of their advantages is that you can load your card with a considerable amount.


If you want to pay or receive money for goods or services, having an e-wallet as a PayPal account is valid. PayPal is widely accepted as it is simple and quick to use in addition to enhanced security features.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are usually issued by a financial institution and involve loading the card with money. Once the funds are exhausted on the card, you can’t use it for further transactions unless you deposit more funds. A unique feature of prepaid cards is that online gaming companies enable players to virtually store currency, allowing gamers to use the cards on in-game transactions.

Direct Debit Payments

If you want hassle-free instant payments, the direct debit method is viable as it allows recurring-automated payments. You’ll mainly find it in B2B transactions, which is very convenient since a customer need not approve transactions or forget to pay for a particular service. It is suitable for frequent retailers or a subscription-based service.

Despite other online payment methods having unique features that allow seamless transactions, BLIK goes further in the online casino arena. Some high-profile casinos have integrated into their sites allowing players to deposit cash quickly.

Casino Deposits With BLIK

With, players have an intuitive platform where depositing and withdrawing casino winnings has never been easier. A bonus feature of BLIK’s online casino payment is that Polish players remain anonymous when dealing with their funds; players can indirectly make BLIK online casino deposits from the BLIK application.

While depositing cash in an online using BLIK, you can use two services: MuchBetter and MiFinity. To use MuchBetter, you must create an account with the service provider when inputting your mobile number into the BLIK casino.

Select the amount you want to deposit and click on ‘Continue’, where you will be redirected to the MuchBetter site to confirm the payment. Among other payment options, choose the BLIK icon, where a code will be generated on your mobile and then transferred to the MuchBetter screen. 

Players opting to use MiFinity must have an account in the MiFinity e-wallet. You must select the MiFinty electronic wallet at the online casino checkout and enter the amount you want to deposit.

Afterwards, you’ll be redirected to the MiFinty website, where you choose the ‘BLIK Instant Transfer’ method to move your funds. The unique 6-digit code generated is transferred to the MiFinity website, after which a player’s account will be loaded with cash and be able to play casino games.
BLIK is continuously proving its mettle in the online payment scene, and its partnership with Mastercard is just the tip of the iceberg. With such advancements, BLIK aims to reach a larger global audience by promoting not only fast but secure and efficient payment systems.

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