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What to do to keep your car magnets safe?


An entrepreneur tends to be a multi-tasker, and so are his belongings. You can, for example, think of his car. It is a personal vehicle, but it comes in handy in business needs too. But promotions and advertising in personal time can feel a little awkward without a proper tool. Anyway, magnetic signs solve this problem for them. If you are an aspiring or ambitious entrepreneur, you can make a note of this. A magnetic sign can make an ideal choice for you if you drive your vehicle for both personal and business errands. When you don’t want it, you can just remove it.

However, these flexible advertising solutions need proper care and maintenance to ensure the long run. Below are a few suggestions that can guide you on this aspect.

Pay heed to the surface

The magnet can stick firmly to the surface of the vehicle due to moisture or condensation. If this happens, you may not get it off the car quickly. Plus, the accumulation of dirt and particles between the body of the vehicle and magnet can cause abrasion if you try to move the latter a bit. You can end up scratching the surface or the paint. To avoid this, you need to keep the surface dry and clean.

Check whether the magnet is flat on the surface or not

The trimmings and the lines on the vehicle may not allow the magnet to lie flat on the surface. But you have to make sure you find the perfect location to achieve it. If it is not flush with the body, a mighty blow of wind can dislodge it from the vehicle, leading to road hazards. Hence, no matter how many magnetic vehicle signs you use, make sure they are affixed.

Lift it carefully if you want to remove it

If you don’t want to use a magnetic sign, you can take it off smoothly. Start with one corner and slowly peel it. Due to fluctuating temperatures, the magnetic material can become pliable or brittle. You would have to be extra attentive so that it doesn’t get damaged. Also, don’t try to reposition it either, as this can cause damage to the surface of your car.

Store magnets in a safe place

If you have used it enough and want to store it somewhere, it would be better you roll it around a tube. A tube can be a cardboard material. Also, make sure the place where you keep it is safe from extreme temperatures. When you need to reuse it, you should take it out a bit earlier because you have to open it and get it back to its flat shape. Try doing this at room temperature.

Remove it if you are going for an automatic car wash

The washing brushes can affect the surface of the magnet or the car. If magnet slides on the car body, it can ruin its paint or cause abrasion. Hence, peel it off before going there.

Magnetic signs for vehicles allow you to take advantage of mobile marketing for a super affordable price. They are safe and durable. Plus, they possess a humongous brand recall value.

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