When Considering Outsourcing What Should Firms Be Sure To Avoid?

When considering outsourcing what should firms be sure to avoid? In the following article, we will be going into detail about this question.

Experts estimate that around 300,000 positions are outsourced every year.

There is a good reason why outsourcing is so popular, both in the US and elsewhere around the world. Quite simply, it’s far more efficient than a traditional hiring approach in many scenarios.

However, there are many mistakes you can make when laying out your outsourcing strategy. Avoiding these will be crucial to the success of your approach.

So, when considering outsourcing, what should firms be sure to avoid? Read on to find out?

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is simply a way of getting a job done without employing someone to do it in-house. You hire a person or third-party company to carry out a specific function required for your business, rather than paying an employed team an hourly rate.

With the increase in online work over the last while, outsourcing has grown sharply in popularity.

When Considering Outsourcing, What Should Firms Be Sure to Avoid?

Outsourcing can be a great way to promote efficiency and have time-consuming tasks taken care of for a reasonable price. However, it isn’t perfect. The following are the main pitfalls you’ll need to avoid when you start outsourcing.


The main reason why businesses outsource their functions is to promote efficiency. If outsourcing doesn’t achieve this, it’s entirely pointless. If your external service providers aren’t doing their job more efficiently than you could do it yourself, something needs to change.

Of course, some outsourcing innovations will instantly bring about huge improvements. Using a paycheck stub generator, for example, will increase efficiency massively in a short space of time.

Poor Communication

If you’re going to use a third-party service provider, you need to make clear what you want. If you just send them basic details about the task and leave them to their own devices, you should expect problems.

Make sure to keep lines of communication open and encourage your service provider to reach out if there are issues.

Outsourcing Customer-Facing Functions

When someone pays you for a good or service, they expect you to provide it. If it’s obvious that a third party is doing the hard work for you, your customers won’t be impressed.

Try not to outsource anything that your customer will be interacting with.

Keeping Your Outsourcing Strategy Sharp in 2020

So, when considering outsourcing, what should firms be sure to avoid? In truth, there are many answers to this question, each as valid as the next. There are many mistakes you can make when outsourcing, including plenty we didn’t have space to look at here.

However, outsourcing is still a great way to improve outcomes for your business. As long as you retain a focus on value for money and provision of excellent goods or services to your customers, you should be able to avoid serious problems.

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