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Which UK universities are most affordable for international students in 2022?

uK universities

Every year, thousands of international students get enrolled in UK universities to shine their academic and professional careers. The quality of education and educational standards in the UK make students eager to take admissions in the universities of the country. But, the UK is much more expensive to study. That’s why many students want to get scholarships to study in the UK or look for such UK universities that are affordable to them. 

This post will extract the main reasons why international students want to get admissions to affordable UK universities and what would be the most suitable options for them.

Why International Students Look for the Affordable Universities in the UK

Following are the major factors that make international students look for affordable universities in the UK.

  • Financial Limitations

Not every student can afford the expensive tuition fees of the universities and this is one of the biggest reasons for the high demand for affordable and cheap UK universities. Hundreds of students even apply for the scholarships to get rid of fee worries but unfortunately, many of them don’t match the eligibility criteria of UK universities’ scholarships to avail of this perk. Therefore, they seek admission to such universities where they can get equal opportunities and benefits at affordable amounts.

  • To Manage the Additional Expenses

The international students don’t only have to pay the tuition fee of the university but also they have to bear multiple other expenses (Khanal, and Gaulee, 2019) due to which they look for affordable universities so that they can fulfill their other need too, within their limited budget. Some of the additional expenses for which they have to reserve a specific amount are as follows.

uK universities
  • Transportation Charges

Taxi or van fares are such a compulsory expense that cannot be resisted or skipped. Even if you don’t go for hangouts or outings, still you must have to travel to the universities at least that requires conveyance. Especially when you are an international student and do not have personal transport.

  • Living Cost

International students also have to pay rent for the house, accommodation, and apartment or wherever they live. Even if they share a hostel room, still they have to reserve the living cost which they cannot afford while studying in an expensive university. 

Utility bills are also an essential living expense. You must need electricity, gas and water supply in your accommodation. Further, you will need an internet connection to complete your home assignments and research projects for which you have to pay. 

Further, they have to fulfill their basic needs, i.e. daily necessities. It includes Daily necessities include, including groceries, sanitary items, feminine hygiene, clothing, and much more. If a student would hardly bear the expensive tuition fee of the university, how would he cope with these necessities? Thus, the international students first focus on the affordability of the university while applying for admission to UK universities.

  • Other Educational Needs

The other educational needs include notebooks, coursebooks, stationary, etc. Further, many international students need assistance while doing their assignments especially when they get to the dissertation writing stage. This is because they face difficulty in understanding and matching the high education in the UK. So, they also have to save money to hire dissertation writing services cheap in the UK. These educational needs altogether require a reserved amount that can only be saved if the university has a cheaper tuition fee.

  • To Avoid Financial Burden Afterwards

There are such international students too who can even afford the expensive tuition fee, still, they look for easily affordable universities. The reason is, they don’t want to face any financial pressure in the future. So, they seek admissions in affordable universities just for the safe side.

5 Most Affordable Universities in the UK for International Students

Some of the highly recommended UK universities are listed below which the international students can easily afford without compromising on the quality of education. Rather they can get all the educational perks and benefits including career growth while studying in these universities. 

  1. University of Chester

The University of Chester is one of the renowned but extremely affordable universities in the United Kingdom. Here the tuition for undergraduate and postgraduate students ranges from £12,000 to £13,000 which is much more economical for international students. Further, the university provides its students with funds for their research projects. The study environment of the university is welcoming and peaceful.

  1. University of the Highlands and Islands (UHI)

UHI is also one of the best options for international students who are seeking admission to any of the affordable UK universities, situated in Scotland. This university holds several learning opportunities for international students. The maximum tuition fee in the University of Highlands and Islands is £12,000. The international scholarship students in UHI also get financial aids which they can use to hire a dissertation writing service Scotland or in fulfilling other educational needs.

  1. University of Cumbria

Another well-known university in the UK that ensures affordability for international students is the University of Cumbria. It offers a tuition fee of £12,000 to £17,000 max, in 2022. The university offers a number of additional courses at affordable charges. Also, the educational trips, extracurricular activities, and annual award distribution are the further benefits of studying at this university.

  1. Cardiff University

Cardiff University also comes under the list of top affordable UK universities. Here the international students have to pay around £9,000 to £17,000 for different bachelors and master’s courses. The university was found in the year 1883 and first was called University of South Wales (Sheen, 2019). Currently, it offers 300+ undergraduate degree courses in which international students can get enrolled. 

  1. Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Becket University is also one of the famous UK universities. In the pre-sessional 5 weeks course, students are charged £1,350 only, and £2,700 for a ten weeks course. The undergraduate and postgraduate degrees come under the tuition fee of £14,000 to £15,000. The university has the most satisfying infrastructure including conformable classes, libraries, seminar halls, and auditoriums. 

Final Statement

Here is the detailed and the most comprehensive account of the affordable universities in the UK. Without a doubt, the UK is the most beneficial land for international students due to its cultural diversity, job opportunities, and professional development opportunities. Students who are thinking to get admitted to the UK University must go for it as it’s a wise decision.

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