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Why You Should Shift To iPad EMRs

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It is no wonder that Apple iPads have become an emerging technology in the healthcare industry. First, the industry got rid of pen and paper, making tasks that were previously tedious and menial to do now easier. And now, it is reported that a vast majority of the doctors in the US are using the iPad EMR/EHR facility to take care of their clinical tasks and activities. This is a gigantic step taken forward in the medical field. 

The iPad EHR/EMRs have revolutionized how medical practices take care of management. Desktop and laptop-based EHR systems are no longer considered convenient enough to be used for tasks that require to be done on the go. Desktops and laptops may prove disruptive to the workflow and require high maintenance. iPad EHR/EMRs, on the other hand, are portable and lightweight, allowing practitioners to multi-task and remain in touch with staff and patients at all times, effortlessly. 

Read on to find out the other ways in which shifting to an amazing iPad EMR Software could prove beneficial to your medical practice!

iPad EMR Key Features



For many years, hospitals and clinics were spending a fortune on the management department of the practice. However, the onset of EMR solutions meant that money and time wasted on the paper and pen system could now be utilized elsewhere, more productively. With the introduction of tablet technology, users can expect further reductions in hospital costs aesthetic pfp.

In addition, the iPad EMR solution comes with the promise of extended battery life and an impressive resolution that provides greater clarity, reliability, and the possibility to carry it around while on the go. Physicians can get things done as they’re walking, talking, eating, and whatnot. 

 Minimal Design

The iPad EMR has a minimalistic design that feels easy and light to the eyes of users. With the ongoing hustle, a sophisticated, minimalistic, and humble design could serve as a treat for burnt-out workers. This adds to the user-friendliness of the iPad EMR, which enables users to navigate through the space effortlessly and straightforwardly, leading to improved workflows. 


There is an often repeated myth about the iPad EMR functionality being too limited in its provision of information. Perhaps this myth takes its roots from the size of the tablet, which is smaller than that of a desktop and a laptop. However, that is precisely what makes the iPad EMR so fascinating! This small device is able to carry the weight of everything that an EMR software offers to a laptop version. iPads are built with the ability to support all significant EMR functionalities, including customization and integration vudu com start

What To Look For In An iPad EMR

To make sure you don’t make the wrong decision for your practice, we have compiled a list of the essential tools you need to look out for in an EMR.


Every great electronic medical record software comes with a cloud-based system. Being cloud-based means that users can avoid limitations when it comes to acquiring access to crucial patient information. It allows doctors to be presented with patient charts, data, and other necessary information throughout the day. 


Another useful feature you should look for in an EMR software is its ability to incorporate the benefits of other softwares, programs and tools. A good EMR solution will allow you to do this seamlessly. Integrations can make the carrying out of certain very menial tasks easy. These include billing, financing, verification, claim generation, etc.


Dashboards are an essential part of an EMR. A dashboard needs to be fully-featured and highly interactive. It should also offer real-time support. To put it simply, a dashboard can carry out a range of functions for your practice, from centralising information to organising and tracking tasks, activities, updates, progresses, etc. Without a sound dashboard system, you will find yourself lost. 

iPad EMR Reviews


Most reviewers have cited the program’s ease of use as its most valuable feature. Users have unanimously deemed the interface as easy to operate and manage, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Another widely revered feature is that the device has a long enough battery life to be fit for travel use. 


Security concerns are not a light affair. And iPad EMRs and popular emr systems may not be able to provide you with the kind of security that a desktop or laptop EMR software might. Users have shared concerns about Apple’s new iCloud storage system. Medical practitioners have spoken about feeling anxious about granting iPad native access to all the crucial information at the hospital. 

iPad EMR Price

iPad EMR prices depend on which program you decide to choose. First, determine the specific needs of your practice. Then, shortlist vendors that provide the EMR facility for iPads. Next, tally your budget and feature requirements with the pricing schemes and features offered by the shortlisted programs. It is up to you to decide which set of features and pricing schemes fit well with your requirements. 

iPad EMR Demo

It is always a good idea to explore your choices deeply. A demo can help you gain more insight into the features and tools offered by the program. Head to the website of your preferred vendor, and request a demo. Most programs offer users a free-of-cost demo. 

Bottom Line

Switching over from desktops and laptops to a whole other kind of device altogether may come with a sense of disorientation. But once you get the hang of it, an iPad will reveal to you the subtle ways in which it can make your practice simpler. There is less hassle, fewer disruptions, and more flexibility, leading to a workflow that is more efficient, up-to-date, and streamlined. All it comes down to is your choice in terms of the EMR vendor!

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