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Will Your Men’s Gold Chains Tarnish With Time?

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Got a collection of men’s gold chains? Gold chains come in plenty of styles and you might already have several of them. Now, you might have one or two questions to ask when it comes to maintaining the shine and the deep brilliance of colour of the chain. Will men’s gold chains tarnish? 

Gold tarnishing occurs when the surface of the jewellery is slightly corroded. The dark discolouration is a clear sign of slight corrosion of the surface. It is also known as tarnish film.

A lot has been written about this subject. If you are here after reading several online articles, you might have been left more confused. Some claim that this precious metal never tarnishes and some disagree. So, let us help you in resolving some of these confusions.

Gold is way less reactive than many other metals. Pure gold stays shiny as it does not easily combine with oxygen. Gold in its purest form does not tarnish. However, your stylish men’s gold chains are not made from pure gold. 24 karat gold is not hard enough for making chains, necklaces, or any other piece of gold Jewelry

Jewellery makers use some other base metal to alter the properties of gold and form an alloy. This base metal reacts to oxygen, moisture and sulfur which eventually tarnishes your gold chains. 

The likelihood of getting tarnished is reduced with the karat of gold becoming higher. 24 karat gold does not tarnish. This happens in jewellery made from lower gold karat. Men’s gold chains made from 14 karats or less are prone to this problem. However, this is rare in 18 karat gold. Don’t doubt the quality of your gold if it tarnishes. Still, it is real gold. Real gold does eventually tarnish. As compared to sterling silver, the gold tarnishes at a much slower pace. And, if you know why this happens, you can prevent it.

Common Causes of Gold Tarnishing

You can hold sulfur and oxygen compounds mixing with moisture responsible for this issue. This also has something to do with the chemistry of your body. This is the reason why jewellery on some skins is more inclined to tarnish. There are some other influences that can affect even higher gold karat. Consistent exposure to perfume, deodorants, hairspray, cleaning stuff like detergents and chlorine and other chemicals can also contribute to the tarnishing of your gold chains. Any food item with a high level of sulfur components or acidity can also tarnish your jewellery. Spices and pickled items, fruit juices, and onions are some items that can aid in tarnishing. 

Preventive Steps 

  • Avoid all the items mentioned above and you will be able to keep your gold in the best shape. 
  • Don’t expose your gold to soap when you are washing your hands. Little by little, the finish becomes dull. 
  • Always store your gold chains properly and separately. Make sure that your pieces of jewellery are not scratching each other. A packet of silica gel can absorb all the moisture in the jewellery box. So, make sure that you have one in the box. 

21 and 22 karat gold jewellery is also tarnished in very unusual cases. However, it happens very rarely. 

How To Treat Tarnished Gold Jewelry?

You can treat tarnished gold easily at home with warm water and a few drops of mild dishwashing liquid. Make sure that it is a non-phosphate dishwashing liquid. Add a few drops in warm water and wipe down the tarnished jewellery using a cotton swab or your fingers. Baking soda or toothpaste is too abrasive. So, avoid them. Air dry your men’s gold chains or use a soft cotton cloth to dry.

Here is your gold shining again.

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