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WoW Shadowlands Torghast Tips and Tricks

WoW Shadowlands Torghast Tips and Tricks Trendytarzen. com

Good to know information when tackling the challenge

Torghast is a new feature of Shadowlands, mimicking the roguelike genre of games. It’s a maze of 6 rooms (18 for the Twisted Corridors), with enemies growing stronger the higher you go. While it does have a gear requirement, nothing is stopping you from challenging yourself. That way, you avoid having to buy WoW gold for the best gear.

Talents and skills are different. They’re restricted within the tower, and your abilities are limited to Anima Powers found within. In line with the roguelike mechanic, you can only use these powers one run at a time. Bad for when you get a good set, and good when the powers aren’t too ideal. Here are some tips and tricks to handling this new feature!

Dealing with Tarragrue

The tower counts how many times you’ve died while in it. After a certain number of deaths, you have thirty seconds before the Tarragrue will spawn. It spawns in the entrance of the floor and will walk toward the exit. Once it arrives, it will guard the exit, killing anybody who comes close in one shot. At that point, there’s no way to get past it and continue with climbing. Fighting it is useless, and it will not budge from its spot in front of the exit.

Fortunately, you can still continue if you can get to the exit before it does. With the death count at zero though, the next death will summon it again.

The number of deaths increases proportionally to the number of players entering the tower. With the maximum of 5 players taking on the challenge, 12 deaths are allowed within the tower. Not 12 deaths per player, but 12 collective deaths in the group. With the Obscuring Essence Potion, you can add one more to the death counter for that run. With a Vessel of Unfortunate Spirits, you can also get one extra death, as it lets the owner’s first one not counted.

Starting Over is Always an Option

Got bad luck and keep on getting un-ideal Anima Powers? It would be better to restart the run than pushing for better rolls. What if you get only one good power the whole run? You can’t defeat the boss with only one good power, especially with the stacking Unnatural Power buff.

Enemies get it in harder layers, and it increases the enemy’s damage dealt and movement speed by 10% per stack. A battle of attrition is useless against them, as they grow stronger the longer the fight goes.

You’re going to need a variety of Anima Powers and not just rely on one good one. Some players even recommend searching whole floors for these, as time is not really an issue within the tower. Collect everything you can from them, as there could be good ones among what vendors in break rooms sell. Anyway, if you’re getting bad rolls, the best thing to do is to start all over again.

Group vs Solo

Those who are having trouble going solo should really consider finding a group. Not only does the death counter increase, but each player also gets a different Anima Power from the others. That means there’s a wider variety of powers to get in a group rather than when going solo. In that way, team members can support each other and increase their damage output. Having one person buy the Anima Cells from the break room vendors also lets the rest of the group use them.

Solo players can have a bit of trouble, especially since Anima Powers are RNG-based. There are ways to influence them, such as the Ritual Prism of Fortune from Ve’nari. However, grouping up would still be better, especially in the Twisted Corridors, the hard version of Torghast.

Soul Remnants

Soul Remnants provide a stackable buff called Soul Remnant’s Blessing. It increases your character’s main stat by 1% per stack. You see the remnants chained to the floor or in cages, and getting the buff only requires you to free them. It’s another reason to explore the entirety of each floor, as the buff’s effects become significant once you get enough of them.

Additional Information

Running Torghast is the only way to get Soul Ash, a currency required for creating Legendary armor. Crafting one boosts the power of the character that wears it. Anyone trying to improve their character should be running these regularly. It’s an interesting challenge anyway, and every run would be different.

Completing Layer 8 (the hardest difficulty) of the Twisting Corridors rewards the rare Corridor Creeper mount. It’s one of the few mounts that work in the Maw, so it’s very much in demand. However, you won’t find it among the WoW mounts for sale on trading sites, since it’s bound on pick-up.

At any rate, be sure to keep enjoying World of Warcraft: Shadowlands!


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