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You’ve Got Mail! 5 Email Marketing Tips That Work


Emails have come a long way since the first was sent in 1971. And the benefits of email marketing do not seem to be slowing down, which is excellent news for your business.

The digital marketing world is constantly evolving, but email remains a leading strategy. 80% of businesses believe email marketing increases customer retention. Social media step aside! 

But with so many emails being sent, you need an email marketing strategy to stand out from the crowd. Read on to learn five email marketing tips to gain and retain leads successfully.

1. Get Personal 

Get personal with your email marketing. The place to start is incorporating names to emails and as part of a good subject line. Studies have found this alone can increase open rates. 

You can also ask more questions on email sign-up forms. Then, you can send specific information to different subscribers based on their needs. Segmenting like this helps target consumers in more personal and productive ways.

You can also time emails sent to increase the chance of open rates for consumers. 

2. Write a Good Subject Line 

You also need hooks to increase open rates and click rates. Write a catchy subject line that offers value to the consumer to open. With 300.4 billion emails sent in 2020, you do not want to be one of the many emails that automatically get marked as spam.

Keep copy precise, short, and catchy to maintain attention. And do not forget a good call-to-action (CTA), which is an actionable link. Especially with onboarding and new product emails, you need them.

3. Have Brand Consistency

Stay professional with an email that reflects your brand and your webpage. A web design company such as help you do this. After all, your email marketing is an extension of your webpage and business, which is why leads signed up.

Also, format your emails for mobile browsing too. Otherwise, click rates will reduce significantly.

4. Offer Value 

Email marketing can boost sales, but it is also to build relationships with consumers. So offer them value, too, not just constant promotional emails. For example, you can provide educational content and surveys for feedback.

You should also give them a visible way to unsubscribe if they choose. 

5. Test, Test, and Test Again

A/B testing is essential in digital marketing to figure out what works. You can send two different variations of an email to two sets of subscribers. Then you analyze which one produces the best results.

As your business and subscribers are constantly, it is essential to do this regularly. 

Follow These Email Marketing Tips!

It is an excellent sign if you already have subscribers, but you need to retain and engage them! There is no use sending emails that automatically get deleted or, worse, marked as spam.

You want your subscribers to feel valued and excited to open their mail. If you follow these email marketing tips, you will improve open rates and click rates, which is the goal!

Did you find this article helpful? You will love our other posts! Read on to learn more. 

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