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2021 thrilling Motorcycle Jackets to boost your riding excitement!

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Love cruising the highway or countryside with wind whipping through your hair? Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating, adventurous and an experience unlike any other. But there are risks mingled in with this excitement. There are few things which can offer more protection on the road than a motorcycle jacket.

Safety is most important when you choose biker gear. A perfect moto jacket is a valued item to add to your rider’s wardrobe. It will ensure you protection for many years if your treat it with the proper care. Often riders think that a motorcycle jacket from GenuineLeatherJackets is only good for the winter months. But it is an interesting fact that they also keep you cool in the summer by preventing dehydration. The best motorcycle jackets also have vents built inside. When opened, these vents provide more spaces for movement and cross ventilation around underarm and lower torso areas.

But with the huge variety of motorcycle jacket available it becomes intimidating to make the perfect choice. But our guide will take care of all the stress related to making the best purchasing decision. Along with information on the latest trends of motorcycle jackets most popular in 2021.

What to look for in the best motorcycle jacket?

There is no single type of motorcycle jackets for sale that can be pointed out as the best. Rather you have to choose which one suits your requirements, climate, and usage as they excel in specific areas. For instance, a jacket that is made to be used on the track will not be much suitable off road. Also keep your bike and your riding style when ultimately deciding to buy a jacket.

The fabric

The material a motorcycle jacket is manufactured from holds the upper hand in determining its quality. The construction should allows breathability, weather protection, abrasion resistance, alongside durability. High-tech material like Kevlar and Cordura have marked their territory in Motorcycle Men’s Jackets. The techniques used in the jacket’s construction also matters a great deal.

Ventilation features

The layered and armored elements meant to shield from impact and abrasions can also result in an uncomfortable jacket. Which is why look for proper ventilation options when shopping for one. Having flaps that remain open or can be closed, or mesh and perforated sections evens out the airflow. And you would be able to remain cool and comfortable throughout your bike journey.

Fit and adjustable options

Similar to a motorcycle helmet or any protective gear, a jacket should also fit properly. Without a prefect fit it will be unable to do the job its supposed to. While most jackets are available in standard sizing like S, M, L, or XL, there are also options to customize.

A customized and genuine black leather jacket by is tailored exclusively to fit your body type. A jacket is more like a second skin for motorcycle riders so it should feel like one. Thoroughly study a Motorcycle jackets size chart first to ask for specialized features that are built just for you.

Top motorcycle jacket designs 


In the world of motorcycle jackets, ADV or adventure jackets are the most durable and hardwearing of garments. Made to be worn both on track and off road, adventure jackets are constructed to survive difficult terrain. And if you are looking for motorcycle jackets women’s style then this category won’t disappoint you. These jackets are fully equipped to stand harsh climate and often feature water and wind proof membranes.

Café Racer

If you are a fan of traditional motorcycle jackets leather edition, then the café racer is for you. However, be warned that it has an edgier aesthetic and cut which is inspired from 1960s-70s racing gear. The café jacket is a unique combination of vintage style and modern material which meets safety measures. It is basically what any rider would see as the “best of both worlds”.    


These type of motorcycle jackets are built for extreme motorcycling recognizable by its bold, hunched over design. Similar to superbikes, this gear exhibits the most modern material and cutting-edge technology. An excellent example of that is the smart airbag system they have. Whether it is leather motorcycle jackets women’s or men’s these provide a sleek aerodynamic option for your riding dreams.     


A cruiser is the most stereotypical, quintessential, and classic version of American moto jacket. It has a relaxed fit and cut to suit the leaned back position of the rider of a cruiser motorbike. Unfortunately, most of these do not come equipped with an armor. So, make sure you are investing in new models of motorcycle jackets with armor. The leather itself on the other hand provides safety from abrasions and weather protection.


For decades, leather has been the top choice in motorcycle jackets, whether you ride a Grand Prix or chopper. It provides great protection against injuries in case of a slide or impact. But there is a downside to it: it is not very easy to wear in extreme hot weather. Here enter the textile motorbike jackets, a modern design tailored from mesh or other breathable materials. They come in a wide range of styles and include abrasion resistance and integrated removable armor. It is essential though to buy only high quality in textile because the cheaper items will not withstand force.


Starting from playing motorcycle games on consoles, motorcycle riders make their way to pursue it as a profession. Or even just keep it as a passionate hobby to be indulged in on weekends and vacations. Regardless, whether you choose to ride on Harley-Davidson Cruisers in your Cruiser jacket or Adventure jacket, the protection of your body is important.

The freedom one feels while riding a bike is incomparable. Yet it is important to always have ample protection from the dangers of the road. The perfect motorcycle jacket is like a trusty companion which shields you from injuries and any other harmful elements. Our guide will help you invest in a motorcycle jacket which exactly suits your requirements and style. Make sure to never compromise on quality as it can make the difference between life and death.  

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