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Smart Instagram Marketing Tips for Boosting Your Travel Tourism Business

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Instagram is a powerful and versatile social media platform that acts as a fantastic marketing tool for your travel and tourism business. This visual content-oriented social media channel helps the travel and tourism industry in showcasing tourist hot spots, destinations, popular scenic attractions, markets, hotels, etc. Instagram has proved to be the ultimate destination for travel influencers to showcase some of the splendid destinations. It has helped in motivating wanderlust and unveiling hidden gems. Travel enthusiasts are leveraging this powerful social media channel for discovering new travel destinations, food, hotels, local attractions, and experiences. Hence, travel and tourism businesses should use this popular image-sharing platform for getting your products, services, and brand in front of potential buyers or your target audience.

According to Word Stream, the travel industry has been growing reasonably fast, and despite COVID-19, it is still one of the most competitive and the largest in the world. COVID-19 had indeed been instrumental in bringing the travel and tourism sector’s momentum to a halt. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the travel and tourism industry was healthy and breaking records just before the global pandemic. History has demonstrated that despite many challenges, the travel industry is supposed to be one of the most thriving and resilient industries. However, travel industry players must stay abreast of the latest trends if they wish to gain a competitive edge. 

We know that 70 percent of the travel buffs utilize the powerful Instagram for sharing their travel plans. Around 67 percent of travel enthusiasts use Instagram for finding inspiration for new trips or vacation plans, and 61 percent identify things to do while traveling on Instagram. If you are running a travel and tourism business and wish to focus on tapping the immense potential of Instagram, the multi-faceted social networking site, here are some expert tips.

Instagram Marketing Tips for Travel &Tourism Agency

Focus on Creating High-Quality Content & Well-Curated Feed

Travel photographers and travel influencer accounts on Instagram provide far more travel inspiration than a tourism brochure. Your Instagram pictures and videos should speak volumes about your business or specific brand. They play a pivotal role in transforming visitors into customers. Travel marketers must focus on keeping their styles consistent. Your Instagram account must be a curated gallery displaying the best pictures that represent the values and ideas of your brand. Remember that your Instagram account will be living and dying on stylistic consistency. You must focus on fine-tuning content so that it is perfect. Use top-quality pictures. You may consider refining them with robust photo editing tools. 

You may put dedicated efforts into curating your feed as per the theme or color palette for incorporating your brand voice. Remember that cohesive feed will be driving more traffic and attract more followers. Your Instagram feed should be well-curated and eye-catching because 65 percent of the audiences are visual learners.

Provide Comprehensive Guidance about Hotels, Destinations, & Experiences

Focus on using Instagram videos and photos for educating and guiding your target audience about a travel or holiday destination. You have the option of showcasing your hotel or experiences via Instagram stories and posts. You may consider complementing visuals with interactive and informative captions for engaging your targeted audience. The underlying motive is to grab audience attention using your eye-catching visual content, and getting them hooked onto your unique brand with fascinating and vital facts and information. When your content is unique and loaded with fresh ideas, it becomes easier for you to engage and motivate your target audience. You may buy real IG followers by contacting a reputed digital marketing company.

Make Way for a Splendid Virtual Tour or Experience

The best thing about leveraging Instagram for marketing or promoting your travel and tourism business is that you are free to go about experimenting with diverse features and formats. Besides, sharing pictures of delicious street food, spectacular sceneries, with your Instagram audience, you may transport your audience virtually to the destination and help them enjoy the experiences and the virtual tour of the travel destinations they may be thinking of vacationing in. You may utilize Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, and IGTV for giving your Instagram audience a splendid virtual tour of popular destinations and experiences. Your Instagram content should be successful in enticing your target audience for taking the final plunge.

Focus on Collaborating With Renowned Travel Influencers

Influencer marketing should be an integral part of a travel agency’s marketing strategy, and that could work wonders eventually for your brand or business. In the travel & tourism sector, collaboration with successful travel influencers could help in generating phenomenal engagement. You should realize that influencers are immensely popular and have an impressive follower base. They have the power to influence positively, the lifestyle choices of people. You can market your travel and tourism business or brand more effectively by partnering with influencers.


Instagram is a brilliant social media platform for getting your brand prominently visible in front of potential clients. Focus on refining and fine-tuning your content with perfection so that you can present well-curated content and gain a competitive edge.

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