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Smart Instagram Tips for Budding Photographers to Gain Huge Popularity Likes

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It is quite challenging to capture a good Instagram image with your smartphone. It may appear quite easy but it is not so. Photography experts believe that trial and error is an integral part of photography. Let us explore some photography secrets so that you can come up with the best Instagram photos and get phenomenal likes and followers. 

Focus on Shooting More & Talking Less

This could be the guiding slogan for your Instagram photographic initiatives.  This dominating and powerful social media platform has done a lot for putting pictures at the forefront successfully. Moreover, Instagram is a great platform that is convenient-to-use and requires very little expertise or tech knowledge. You need not be a born writer with natural writing excellence. Instagram is a photographers’ paradise. Remember the more you can publish captivating photos, the more you can grab the attention of your potential customers and followers. It is a fiercely competitive world on Instagram for marketers. Every brand or business is fighting hard for gaining more likes, comments, and followers. Instagram is a powerful and versatile platform for one-to-one interaction and engagement, endless motivation, and inspiration. You may buy Instagram comments by seeking professional assistance from a reliable digital marketing agency.

Adopt a Different Strategy

It is important to have a unique style and approach in your Instagram feed if you wish to stand out from the rest and gain success. Your pictures should tell the visitors to your Instagram account what they could expect from your page. Focus on thinking in terms of the entire Instagram feed and not just on individual posts. According to Huffington Post, you need to visualize the world differently if you are looking for success. You should focus on changing your perspective and as a photographer; you may see various things from a different angle as opposed to what everyone else can see.

Any Time is Photography Time

There is nothing called the best time for publishing captivating photos on Instagram. Studies reveal that photos work effectively all through the week with negligible bonuses on Thursday and Monday. However, things may vary according to your location, your target audience’s routine, and the kind of content you are posting. You can find the optimal time of posting by experimenting, learning, and repeating. Your Instagram account will work provided you are consistent in your approach. Be steady. Keep posting gripping pictures consistently and not once in a while.

Let Your Style Speak Volumes and Make You Stand Tall Among the Rest

Being regular with your posts is necessary, but not sufficient if you want to succeed in your branding efforts. The other major pillar of a good branding strategy is to achieve a consistent style across all the content you post. Internet users and consumers in general, can be conditioned to expect a certain style and standard of content from a profile they are following. This can be difficult to cultivate and maintain, but the advantages are remarkable- instant recognition, goodwill, and word-of-mouth gains. As a photographer, you will have to tap into your creative core to come up with a style that is personal but not repetitive. Whether you use one particular filter for every picture or pick a theme to do a series of posts on, there are many ways to establish expectations and get people interested in your work.

Strong Captions are a Must

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but on social media especially, pictures are not able to do all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to add a lot, but a good description can elevate good content to great and make your content memorable and worth following for any visitor.

Perfection is a Secondary Goal

Perfection is a goal we should all strive to achieve, but getting too caught up in it could stop you from achieving a lot of your early goals. The days of people expecting perfectly varnished content with everything in place are long gone; users appreciate profiles that are raw but then grow with time. They feel like they have embarked on a great journey with you and this is excellent for online growth. Don’t be afraid to show your followers the effort it takes to come up with the great photos that you post. Give them a look behind the scenes occasionally, at the gear you use, the settings in which you set up camp, or rejected pictures that weren’t good enough to post.


Photographers were the first citizens of Instagram. The visual-first platform was home to professional and amateur photographers alike. Even though the platform has changed a lot since then, it is still very conducive to photography and a great place to put up your work. While there is a host of filters and adjustments available to you, try not to overdo it- focus on the fundamentals of contrast, brightness, and saturation, and introduce only slight and subtle edits instead. Once the content is set up the way you like it, you can follow these tips to achieve sure-shot success.

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