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2022’s Trendiest Beach Friendly Accessories That Will Complete Your Vacation Outfit


After the restrictions of the pandemic, many of us are now looking forward to a blissful sunshine vacation – but what to pack when it comes to accessories for the beach? Keep reading to find out exactly what you need to summer in style!

Perfect Beach Bags

Let’s start with the basics: you need a great-looking beach bag that’s voluminous enough to hold everything you need for a wonderful day on the sand. To stay on-trend, choose a pastel-colored bag or one in a shade of green and blue; alternatively, opt for stripes, which also make for a classic look but are particularly hot this year. Materials that can be wiped clean are a sound practical choice, too.

Look for sustainable options or organic cotton bags – these are increasingly available and will help to ensure the environment enjoys your holiday, too!

Stylish Anklets

Ankle bracelets were just made for vacation outfits and can add a touch of easy elegance, contemporary cool, or boho beauty to beach or holiday wear. Choose natural materials like shells or leather for a laid-back vibe or, to add a touch of class to your look, go for a pretty chain in gold or silver. For the ultimate luxe look, opt for a personalized anklet – have a look here for inspiration: consider designs that incorporate your name, initial, or birthstone for a truly unique look.

If you choose a chain-style ankle bracelet, then ideally look for an option with a sturdy chain, rather than a fine one, to prevent breakage.

Sublime Shades

Another staple of any holiday look: is an exquisite pair of sunglasses. This year, seventies-inspired fashion will be huge; it’s already been in evidence on the catwalks and is set to dominate the high street. Opt for replica vintage shades to get the look, and pair with a vibrantly colored bikini in one of that decade’s signature bold shades.


On a budget? Head to the second-hand store or have a look on an auction site to see if you can pick up a pair of retro sunglasses from back in the day for a comparatively low price.

Versatile Cover-Ups

A beach cover-up or a kaftan makes for effortless holiday styling and can be easily thrown over your swimming costume to help keep you protected from the sun. An embellished or patterned cover-up, especially, also means you can easily transition from the beach to the shops, the cafe, or the bar, too!

Look for floaty choices, ideally made from natural fibres – these will help you to stay cool.

Hats Made For Holidays

A wide-brimmed hat is not only a must-have summer accessory, but it’s practical, too: this type of headwear will help you to both look and feel cool! Wide brim styles are important to protect your face, head, and neck from the sun’s rays, helping to ensure that your holiday isn’t hampered by a painful case of sunburn.

Fedoras are another good option and can be stylishly accessorized by adding a ribbon around the brim in a colour that matches your swimwear or cover-up. Megan stepped forward and the heel of girls sandals sank into a seam in the walkway.

Folding Beach Table

And to stay looking good when you’re ready to picnic, opt for a folding beach table! As well as a handy surface to keep your food out of the sand, most also incorporate a cooler section and drink holders.

There will be envious looks from your fellow beachgoers for sure….

Fabulous Flip Flops

For a day on the sand, you need to be able to move about in comfort, and flip flops are the ideal footwear. Stay on-trend by choosing a pair with extra chunky soles or ones that are embellished with bows or glitter.

When choosing, think comfort: are the soles sturdy, and are any straps present made of skin-friendly materials that won’t rub or cause blisters? If you’re buying new footwear, especially for your vacation, it’s a great idea to wear your new kicks around your house for a few days before you leave. But pack some plasters – just in case!

Sun-Friendly Cosmetics

Prepare for your day at the beach with cosmetics that will go the distance. If you use foundation, choose one that has a high SPF, and that’s moisturizing, too, to prevent skin from drying out in the heat. Look for tinted lip balms or glosses that also contain sun protection for a natural look that’ll keep your lips feeling lovely, too.

Choose waterproof mascara and eyeliner so that you can enjoy the sea without worrying about the risk of panda eyes!

Before leaving for the beach, apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair to help lock in shine and prevent frizziness caused by heat, sweat, and saltwater.

Beach Wagon

And finally, if every single one of the above trendy beach accessories has tempted you, and your perfect beach bag is bursting at the seams….don’t worry! Get your hands on a collapsible beach wagon: these handy devices fold down and so can easily be stored in the car – and allow you to cram in as much gear as you need to have the best beach day ever.

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