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Top 5 Tips to Follow in an Awesome Aussie Beach Outing


Australia’s beaches are gasp-inducing. The continent is sprinkled with lovely and stunning beaches. Make sure to plan a trip to the beach this summer. Relax and unwind and enjoy physical activities in the water. When you hit the beach, make sure that you have a complete arsenal with you to protect you from weather elements. Put on awesome swimwear. Show what you’ve got with a sizzling Australian bikini.

Australia attracts plenty of tourists every year and the undeniably stunning are a top draw. The country’s coastline stretches 50,000 km and links over 10,000 beaches. 85% of Australians are lucky to have access to the beach, living close to the sea, 50 km from the coast. Because of this, Aussies developed a laid-back, loving lifestyle.

The following article shows you safety tips on Australian beaches for a guaranteed fun day without any hitches.

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Put on Comfy Swimwear

You have probably come across plenty of guides that advise based on body shape. Although these guides show you the finer points of design and proportion, in the end, it is your personal choice. Remember that your choice should make you happy and comfortable. Shopping for swimwear can be an overwhelming task, especially if you are presented with tons of choices. Most likely, you don’t know where to start. Fortunately, Australian bikini makes choosing swimwear a lot easier. The comfort of swimwear will depend on the fabric. You would want your swimwear to be flattering and move with you. In this case, choosing swimwear with tubular crinkle fabric will have amazing results.

Watch Out for Nasty Marine Life

 Australian waters have teeming marine life, and not all of them are friendly. Be especially vigilant about bluebottles, which are a type of jellyfish. It has long tentacles, which they used to cling to your body and deliver a painful sting. If you see bluebottles washed up on the beach, it is a sure sign they are in the waters as well. If that isn’t enough, a more threatening variety of jellyfish, the box jellyfish, is something you should completely avoid. It is known to have a deadly sting.

If you find these creatures wiggling in the water, you don’t want to get near them. Box jellyfish are often found in Australia’s northern part, whereas bluebottles can be found swimming on the Southern coasts. The best way to know if there is a jellyfish infestation on the is to ask a lifeguard.

Avoid the Surfers

Australia is a surfing country, so it is only natural to find beaches teeming with them. Avoid swimming in spots surfers are using. You don’t want to get in their way when they are catching a wave.

Swim With a Friend

Although lifeguards patrol a majority of Australian , it is always best to swim with a friend or a group. Make sure there is someone who knows where you’ve gone if you want to go on a solo adventure.

Watch for Flags on the Beach

You will find that there are eye-catching flags on most Australian beaches. These flags are an indication that Surf Life Saving Australia is patrolling the beach. It is a volunteer organization that is run across the country. If you are not confident in the water, make sure to look for these flags and keep to the patrolled beaches

Australia has developed a beach-loving culture. Enjoy Australian beaches and revel in the stunning views and positive vibes of people you encounter. Make sure you follow safety precautions to have an awesome day under the bright Aussie sun.

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