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3 Best Lifestyle Tips to Prevent Cancer


Are you looking for ways to cut your risk of developing cancer? Some tips might help you do that.

Cancer, to almost everyone, sounds like a nightmare. And obviously, it is. It is a chronic condition that makes life really difficult in terms of health. Perhaps that’s the reason why it’s imperative to keep up with ways to prevent this disease. Honestly, reducing the risk for cancer might be easier than you think. Sometimes, you need a little more than a few lifestyle changes to make a difference.

Although people might get cancer even after doing all the “right” things, research proves that almost half of all cancers are linked to avoidable factors that can be easily controlled. Here’re a few ways that’ll help you prevent cancer. So let’s dive in;

Exercise is Necessary

When you work out or do jogging even, not only you are making yourself healthier but also decreasing the risk of different types of cancers. As per the American Institute for Cancer Research recommends that every individual should exercise for at least half an hour every day. It – not at all – means that you’ll have to go to the gym and lift weights. There are many types of exercises you can get along with. Even things like gardening can significantly decrease the risk of lung cancer.

Keep in mind! Moderate exercise can improve your cardiovascular health while reducing the risk of colon cancer by almost 40%. And for those who have already had cancer, the daily exercise will surely make a huge difference in preventing the recurrence.

Avoid Smoking & Exposure to Smoke

Don’t tell me you don’t know this! Smoking is one of the major risk factors for cancer. But the best part here is that it can be controlled. Not only it’s responsible for lung cancer but also other types of non-pulmonary cancer as well. And the best way to prevent this type of cancer is; just quit smoking and never start again. Inevitably, it’s never too late to stop, and you’ll see your body reaping out benefits even in case you have smoked of 2 or 3 decades. However, quitting cold turkey immediately is not that easy. Take it slow and try alternatives such as vaping, or chewing on nicotine pouches from https://blackbuffalo.com/

If you are breathing a sigh of relief after reading this because you don’t smoke cigarettes but cigar or hookah, here’s the news for you! Cigar smoking is known to be equally problematic, and there are tons of evidence for hookah smoking as well.

Unnecessary Exposure to Radiations

Here comes another significant factor that can be one of the significant causes of cancer. Make sure you get the medical imaging only when it’s necessary. Also, get your home checked for the residential radon as it might increase the risk of lung cancer. Be mindful that you need to protect yourself from ultraviolet rays that increase the risk of melanomas & other skin cancers.

If you are worried about the electromagnetic rays, form high-voltage power lines or perhaps radiofrequency radiation from microwaves & cellphones just don’t worry about these as they don’t cause cancer. While keeping up with these tips, the patients who are suffering from cancer must also visit the best eye consultants Dubai to get the right treatment.

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