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Valentine’s Day Cake Recipes & Ideas

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Every year valentine’s day comes and you want to celebrate it with gravy but lots of reasons for your loved ones and it could also be your mother it’s a day of love it’s celebrated in order to honour love. And to every Valentine’s Day that you have celebrated one thing was common a cake.

Did you even know that cakes can actually help you in sharing and making new friends? Well, how you do it is actually, you just have to bake a cake and offer all your friends or people whoever is around you,  share it with them and soon you’ll get the title of cake girl or boy. People love eating cake not just because of its taste but also because it has become a part of our lives that any celebration without cake is incomplete if we do not have a cake in it. 

Cakes have a special position in our hearts. Especially when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, kids’ birthdays play a major role. But there are certain things to be kept in mind about the cake before you actually bring home or get it delivered online. 

1) Are you going to bake the cake order it from a bakery? 

This is the very first question that is to be kept in mind that if you are making the cake then you must be a real pro in baking because you don’t really want to spoil the mood of your lover by feeding them a spoiled cake. However, if it gets spoiled online cake delivery in bangalore are always there for you as a backup option. 

2) What should be the taste of the cake? 

Well, this thing is to be kept in mind. Cake delivery in Bangalore any other city is very easily available. But the point is what should be the taste of your Valentine’s Day cake? Is it going to be chocolate or is it going to be strawberry, red velvet pink champagne, banana cake, chocolate buttercream, coconut with lime buttercream, chocolate cake and ganache with a cream cheese frosting? It’s all in the taste of a good cake that will make your valentine’s day from special to amazing. 

3) What should be the decorations on top or around it? 

 Decorations on a cake for Valentine’s Day could be specially dedicated to a moment that you spend together. It could be a photograph,  it could be a sugar groom and bride, but just keep in mind the fact that you don’t experiment too much on that day and stick to more traditional looks of the cake. Of course, the taste should not be compromised at any cost. 

Below you can find lots of Valentine’s Day cakes that will make your Valentine’s Day from special to something really wonderful and what else you can add with that cake to make this Valentine’s Day memory last long. 

1) Oreo Cake 

Oreo cake not only looks beautiful but the taste is good too. It is made up of Oreo biscuits and cream cheese. Oreo cake or cheesecake is easily available through online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city. 

2) Almond Honey Cake 

This is more like a dietary cake and it is made up of almonds almond milk honey and some cardamoms and frozen or dried nuts are added to enhance the flavour. This is an amazing cake for all those couples who are actually planning on losing weight. And of course, the base of this cake would be made up of oats flour. 

3) Raspberry Pink Cheesecake 

This cake is made up of seedless raspberry preserves, pink colour, and raspberries. Raspberries make up for a perfect taste. And the pink colour is amazing for celebrating Valentine’s Day, plus the flavour is very daring for a valentine’s wedding. Add some pink Valentine’s Day roses to complete your celebration. 

4) Lemon Cheese Cake 

Lemon cakes are becoming quite popular nowadays. It is made up of lemon juice, zest, and essence. All three make for a really tangy cake. This would prove to be the most outstanding cake for any occasion be it Valentine’s Day, birthday or no just you enjoying it alone. 

5) Six Layers Dark Chocolate Cake 

The more the layers in a cake the more tasteful it becomes by the end when it’s ready. The best thing about 6 layer chocolate cake is that it has dark chocolate icing on all the six layers and the one that is on top is extra thick, to give it a more beautiful tasteful look. Dark chocolate cake can be accompanied by a few Valentine’s Day roses. Maybe red pink blue brain yellow or a basket of them all and with some orchids lavender basically a combination of all those things with the cake that will make your loved one happy on Valentine’s Day. And if you happen to be that couple who is getting married on Valentine’s Day then this could be the cake for your wedding too. 

6) Pineapple Upside-down cake

Pineapple upside-down cake is one of those cakes that can make anybody love cakes even more. It is made up of regular ingredients like sugar-flour, some pineapple and vanilla essence but the major influences are that of a layer of pineapple and cherry that add a lot to the flavour. This is amazing for all those cake lovers like eating cake without any reason. Instead of using this cake to be cut at home you could, send this cake for your husband’s wife lover anybody beforehand in their office it word make for a perfect surprise for them and add a Valentine’s Day bouquet consisting of their favourite flowers. 

7) Gingerbread with vanilla or chocolate icing 

Gingerbread cakes are quite popular during Christmas and New Year’s but it could be another alternative and unusual cake to be used during Valentine’s Day. For a change, the cake could be cut into slices and decorated with chocolate icing made up of dark chocolate or some old fashioned vanilla icing. To complete this cake you could add some fresh flowers. 

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