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Dos and Don’ts for an Amiable Valentine’s Day Celebration

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Valentine’s Day is a very exciting day for all lovebirds. They start planning and preparations even before Valentine’s Week reaches. When you are in a love relationship you definitely want to cherish every day that is related to love. 

The carnival of love begins with Rose Day and continues for 8 days long, which ends up with the dynamic Valentine’s Day. During these days, boys and girls often get overwhelmed and do something that ruins the date completely. Hence, the obligatory dos and don’ts must be followed by all the couples to avoid complications in love life. 

Besides ordering nice gifts and online flower delivery in mumbai follow these most effective dos and don’ts rules for Valentine’s Day date to enjoy a splendid date.


Let’s have look for what you need to do.

Make a Plan

For doing a chore successfully, you need a plan. There is no exception for 14th February also. Have a plan on everything from your gifts to giving surprises to a day out to your dinner date. If you are looking to offer a custom flower bouquet online to your beloved, book your blossoms early to get them in time. 

Ask for Your Partner’s Preferences

Before deciding anything related to spending this auspicious day, you always should consult with your bae. Basically, it is needed at the initial stages of the relationship. If it is your 1st or 2nd Valentine’s Day together you don’t aware of your partner’s likings and disliking. Say you love cricket and book couple tickets of a big tournament unknowing of the fact that cricket doesn’t entertain your bae at all. In that case, she will have to spend a huge boring time. Hence, discuss the plan with him/her and do something of your common interest.

Make Your Date Interesting

Plan your date in a way so that it would be fun to spend the day. Don’t waste the day staying at home or sitting in a park. Spend this day by doing engaging activities. This will help you to get closer.

Give Cute Surprises 

Everyone loves surprises. Surprises make a person feel special and become the best gift on any occasion. You may place an order for online cake and flower midnight delivery in Bangalore to amuse your spouse on this day.


The list of what you should not do on Valentine’s Day is bigger than the dos and need more focus.

Don’t Try Your Luck at the Last Moment

This mistake ruins everyone’s 14th February date at least once in their life. Maximum couples often don’t order flowers online in delhi or reserve their place at the popular eateries. And at the last moment when they reach the restaurant, they need to wait for a long time to get the space. This happens with online gifts and flowers also. At the last minute, you may notice that stocks for your preferred items are not available. This is quite embarrassing and hectic too. So do all the preparations at earliest and make yourself double-sure.

Don’t Present Girlish Items to Your BF

It is very hard to find a suitable present for your BF. The epitomes of V Day such as red and white heart-shaped balloons, teddy bears, red, white, pink flowers all are girlish items. These items are not going to impress your Bae at all. If you want to send Valentine flower to him then pick something that shows the masculinity.

Don’t Look at Your Mobile and Watch Again and Again

While engaging in a conversation with your beloved don’t check your phone in every two seconds. This gesture is very discouraging and insulting for the other one feeling them to be ignored. 

Don’t Expect Too Much From Your Partner

Boys and girls often get influenced by the movies and TV shows and expect something very passionate gesture from their partners. While you may want to send flowers to Bangalore to your sweetheart, but if you are not married and have not informed about the relationship to your families, then don’t send them to his/her home. Don’t keep huge expectations from him/her. Go for a date thinking you are going to spend quality time with the person you most like.

Don’t Observe to Your Ex

If you and your ex are dwelling in the same city then it is quite possible meeting your ex at the popular places. Don’t keep observing your ex ignoring your partner. This will end up with a breakup of your present relationship.

Dos and don’ts for Valentine’s Day vary depending on different situations and temperament of the couples. But these rules are common for all the lovebirds. 

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