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3 important thing of Chinese dating VS Japanese women dating


Most of the people still believe the culture and all the things of both china and japan are similar. Maybe the main reason is both countries have a similar appearance of people who have pretty similar tastes. But still, there is a lot of change that you will discover you will going to date their girls. If you will going to date some hot Chinese girls then you will have something that maybe not present if you date Japanese girl.

Then again if you going to date a Japanese girl, you will have different thing things as well as. Among all those, there are a lot of differences. So today we are here to mention you all the difference that you maybe never know. Let’s revile some of those.

#1 Opinion sharing expectation

On each date, the share date is too much important. In regular life, we are like to share in our usual style. It can be direct or indirect. But the thing will be different when it will be a matter of date. Both Chinese and Japanese girls have a different type of opinions sharing expectations from boys. If you going to judge the Chinese vs. Japanese girls, then you will have this difference for the first time.

Chinese girls are like to have a direct conversation. Even they don’t like too much suspense. They want to have all the things without a waste of time. Even they consider a waste of time as an idiotic job. Then again they will never accept any idiot person they have.

This is the reason if you are there to meet a Chinese girl then you need to direct speaker. On another hand, Japanese girls are like to have suspense. The more direct or metaphor you will use there they will like to talk with you. Because they like misty.

The rest of the thing is you need to consider this thing when you are there are to talk and date with either Japanese or Chinese girl. Unless they will not in the perfect interaction and you are not going to have the perfect conversation as they expect.

#2 General Fashion sense

There are no doubt Japanese and Chinese girls are stylish. But there are a few differences. Before explain that I want to mention to you that if you are properly considering the fashion then you will be accepted anywhere. First of Chinese girls like light type fashions. Simple color, hat, sunglass, and simple things. They are not interested to have expensive things. Even they don’t like to see showoff from people.

On the other hand, Japanese girls are want to see all the things about the boy came to. His color sense, his car, his dress, hairstyle, and all the things. Because they want to have the perfect life partner who has all the things and able to keep her happy.

#3 make up the expectation

This is true that girls are always wanted and like makeup. Maybe that is their nature. But then again they expect makeup from their man. This is all about man’s hair, dress up, eye, glass, and all other things. Here I want to mention one thing that girls never want to see messy their man. So if you are going to date then you need to make sure that you are in good makeup.

From that corner Chinese girls like formal and easy makeup from his man. Even most of the time, they have huge simple make as they can. They thing makeup are the waste of time and this makes all the things more artificial. That is the reason they choose natural things. So if you going to meet with Chinese girls you need to be more simple.

But Japanese girls have a different type of expectations. They want to see you as a perfect gentleman from your dress up and proper hair cup and all the things in the proper way. Even they will look at the color of hair gel you use and the model of your glasses. They expect you will bring a car at least to give her a ride to her home. Few of them maybe have a different type of taste as well as.

After all the things there is one common thing that exist. This is respect. All of those girls are wants respect from boys. Even they want freedom too. No matter what is your intention, you must be gentle and show them respect. You maybe have a few problems and barriers to behave. But there is no barrier to show gentle and respectful.

Here I want to mention to you that news where it occurs some unexpected thing when people going to meet with Chinese or Japanese girls to have a date. But because of a lack of respect and other problem, it occurs in some unexpected situations. Of course, those were not a blessing for anyone of boy or girl. So you must consider all the general code to date girls.

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