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KEDARKANTHA – Best place to visit in Uttarakhand TREK AT A GLANCE ( Complete Guide )

kedarkantha trek

Nearest railway station – Dehradun

Difficulty level – Easy to moderate

Base camp – Sankri

Maximum altitude – 12,500 fr

Duration – 5 days

Here you get to the real info that you really find in google before starting the trek

Trek budget / trek package / camping amount

Trek guide

Trek route

Trek temperature

Trek – best place to visit

All the above in one

Kedarkantha is a famous peak of India situated in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand as the Best place to visit in winter. It is a part of the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary of Garhwal Himalaya. The elevation of the Kedarkantha peak is 12,500 ft from sea level but this trek is really suitable for beginners. Most of the trekkers love to plan it in winter in the months of December to April. You can see 13 Himalayan peaks altogether from the summit on a crystal clear day. Snow hiking is the most popular part of this trek.

Day  1 – Dehradun to Sankri – Best place to visit in Uttarakhand

From Dehradun you have to arrange a car towards the base camp Sankri.  It is a journey of 220 km by a beautiful road of Garhwal Himalaya. It will take 11 hours to 12 hours approximately. The last 20 kilometres of this journey is most attractive as your enter the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The last village is Mori where can get full network in your phone. You will reach Sankri in the evening. It is a small village in the elevation of 6,600 ft.

Day 2 – Sankri to Khujey – Best place to visit in winter

You will pass by some small but beautiful wooden houses and a hundred years old Shiva temple in a village named Kotagaon. After some minutes of the rocky trail, there will be a concrete road.  After another hour the snow-covered zone will start along the trail. You will reach a place named Molina which is a vast meadow almost covered by snow in winter. Then you will reach a wooden bridge and the campsite is just half an hour distance from there. Khujey is a meadow at the elevation of 9,550 ft which offers some views of Himalayan peaks.

Day 3 – Khujey to Odari – Best place to visit in Uttarakhand

 Start your trek at around 10 o clock and take the trail towards the northeast. It’s a downhill trail before you enter the dense pine forest. After half an hour you will pass by some shepherd huts and reach a point. You can see the famous Kyara valley and Har Ki Dun valley and Barasar lake from here.  After another 20 minutes, you will reach the campsite Odari. A snow-covered area at the elevation of 10,100 ft.

Day 4 – Odari to Kedarkantha summit to Harpoon – Best place to visit in winter

You have to trek an elevation from 10,100 ft to 12,500 ft and then descending to campsite in Hargaon. Generally trekkers starts at 4 am to 5 am. After a hours trail through brown oak trees you will be on the ascent way towards the summit. You will get a 360 degree panoramic view of snow covered mountains from here.  Spend a good amount of time here then take the descending trail towards Hargaon.

Day 5 – Hargaon to Sankri – Best place to visit in Uttarakhand

Follow the descent trail from camp site towards Sankri. It’s the most heartbreaking day for the trekkers but every good things have a ending point. From Sankri book a car towards dehradun with all the fresh memories.

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