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3 Reasons to Become an Anonymous Blogger

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If you are thinking of becoming a blogger and want to try something unique or out of the box, then becoming an anonymous blogger is an excellent choice. When you go anonymous, you can write in a style that you wouldn’t go for otherwise. Let’s have a look at a few of the reasons that will convince you to become an anonymous blogger.

Talk about Sensitive Issues 

The biggest advantage of going anonymous is that it lets you talk about the sensitive issues that would normally go unaddressed. Talking about these issues openly can cause some backlash towards you, but with anonymity, you can express your opinion without any hesitation and can spark important conversations.

These sensitive topics may include controversy which don’t necessarily have to be related to your work whether you want to discuss drugs, educational niche, terrorism or any other topic and you don’t want to reveal your identity to the local audience for some security purposes or to safe yourself from legal accusation, starting anonymously is an ideal choice.

Spark Curiosity

If you want your blogs to become popular, then you need to make people interested in it, and one of doing that is to make them curious. You can do that by sharing your opinions in your blogs without revealing your name, as it will make people guessing about your identity. You can also decide to reveal your identity once you have reached a certain number of subscribers as it can help you gain following quickly.

The main variable to be focused on is the confidence level of yours. If you are confident enough and can write on any topic accurately, then this thing requires a shot. Whether the field is new, the best writer is one who has first-hand exp. in whatever niche they write about. No one will consider you as an accountant who suddenly starts writing about tech-reviews, they will automatically get attracted if you have good content.

It’s A Safe Option

Starting your blog as anonymous is always a safe option. You can pick a niche and start writing about topics that interest you, and if it does not work, you don’t have to worry about any embarrassment or backlash from the people. You will know that a certain niche is not your cup of tea, and it will be easier for you to start over.

Starting with an unidentified personality is an ideal choice if you want to maintain a level of clear divide between your professional and personal life. So, It will magnificently help you to avoid distractions safely.

Is anonymous blogging meant to create a completely new personality?

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No, Blogging anonymously does not mean that someone has to create a new personality and start lying about himself but in fact, you will be able to share your opinions without revealing your true identity. Blog still keeps a personal feel for you and gets promoted if the content is good enough to attract the audience unless you start abusing and spreading false information keeping in mind that it is incognito.

So here’s a question, how to get started as an anonymous blogger? .One of the best platforms is WordPress to become an anonymous blogger and keeping your identity safe and sound using Whois Privacy.

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