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37 Profiles of Manga Characters and updated List of 2022


Manga bat

Manga is the best cartooning, scheme, and comic book. bat refers to all kinds of cartooning, comics, and animations.

In English meaning speakers are called “Mangabat” and have stickers showing the meaning ‘”Japanese Comic”.Manga bat is the historical book of the “united state”.

The book language of “English”.The book was designed by “Gaijin Ishihara”. His complete subject is Batman phenomena in “Japan”.Batman is a comic book series. Batman series started in “1966” in “Japan”.by “Adam West.

R manga

R manga is the best “Japanese series” among Japanese children. It is the “novelist story”.The whole story deals with “Fantasy”.

Everything and anything. In the story, the author shows the graphic picture of the newest female supermodel that was caught by reporters one night. The big show is launched for kissing and quarreling with her female friend. The story revolves around the female characters. These females are strangers and they work and want everyone looking at him and enjoying him. This is a superpower comic.


R/Mang is the “Graphic” and “Comic Novel”. The story is written by Kurone Kanzaki”. The original character was designed by “Makoto kino”.

It is about a beautiful girl, who is loved by her mother. Her mother gives a beautiful gift. This is an interesting book. She came to school and saw his friends. But these whole friends laughed and said that this is a very boring book. We do not like this, please return this gift to her mother. Feels uneasy and disturbing. She comes to his teacher and tells the whole story. The Teacher says, do not worry. I`ll come tomorrow and cover the whole situation. Don’t return this gift to her mother, because gifts are very precious.

The whole story moves around the innocent and cute.

First kiss of Manga

This is a graphic and fantasy story. which deal with every way of life like sadness, love, happiest and unhappiest moments of life. The story is a graphic picture of the sights of love also….when they able to convey their feelings?

She falls in love with a boy but he does not behave well with them. She thinks that, why is he rude to him?. She is disturbed. She wants to get attention.

Then she is invited to a party but, she says to his servant, she has been leading a quiet life. why did they invite me as a heroine? but she stables him with full confidence and beautifulness. After a while, she meet him and asked him why are you coming here. He says that he is a servant and I serve you, being in a turbulent relationship with a suspicious relationship as they start living together.

Smut Manga

Smut Manga was a British adult comic -, magazine that was launched in “May,01,1989”.

This is the sexual content, That secret queen, hot, impressive, baby deal with a fantasy story.

The character of ” Lucia” does not know that she was a princess. She lived in dreams. after the death of her mother, she entered the palace and was enhanced to see her entire future in dreams. She is at the age of 19. She faces many worries and difficulties. Her life is very miserable. Suddenly, She woke up to her dreams and determined herself for the future. She realized that, the whole plant of life and turning points. Then, she begins her journey to change the dark version of the future.

Sky Manga

Sky manga is a secret story about a young girl named “Izuku”. This is the biggest novel story illustrated by “Sanbusco “. The summary of the series is about a beautiful girl and gatekeeper to the afterlife. Izuki is the guiding spirit on their journey. She plays her role in the story, which is very important. She is sometimes in” heaven” and other times in “Hell”.

She meets a murderer and ultimately death, She gives three options… 1 – accept their and reincarnations. 2- wander death ghosts. 3- take justice. Izuku is the best guide to guide them to the correct path.

The sadness of his friend never stands with him is why she never always succeeds in his mission.

Lily Manga

This is the best comic novel. This is a school love story. Lilly Manga update in “18,03,2021”.and released by “Inicial”.The additional category is free comic App notes.

This story is about two school girls. They both are friends. They search for a machine and come to school together. when she comes home she changes her clothes and goes to her room. she thinks about the machine and calls her friend. She gives importance to every situation with her friend.

Lily manga is the best novel story, It is available in a lot of chapters on websites.

Manga sy


The author of the “Qingyu Gaffey”.This comic, and novel are related to love, and romance. sy language status is” Chinese Manhua”. This comic will be released in 2021. The author of the story is “Moxiali ” The best tags of the comic are Revenge- Life – romance- love.

This story is about a stranger who meets a driver. She is a very impressive and beautiful figure. She travels for 20 minutes with them. but she knows that they are not good people. On the main time, comes and fights with these persons .and take an arm and go to another place. but she no that she does not know what is this. The purposed him with love and say that he please very close with him because he also like her figure.

Redo of healer Manga

The redo of the healer is known as “Japam”.Redo of the healer is a Japanese fantasy light novel story. This comic is written by “Rui Tsukiyo”.This novel is published in “December 2016”.

In the story, Kayaru is a magician. He never uses his powers because he lost everything in war. In the story, he escapes a girl to experiment with his magic tricks. They live 4 years in his house.

One time she runs fast and meets a strong girl and sword ward woman. she tells the whole story about these characters. She decides to give punishment and case in court against him. She is planning to fight with Kahera. But she is also a very strong girl. She is always ready to fight against injustice.

Yuri Manga

Yuri manga is one of the best novel stories in the world. Yuri manga is a beautiful character in the novel which deals with love. Faces everything with passion and love. This site is related to fighting for an ordinary life with love, and patience.

This series is released in “June 2021”. This series has 3 volumes. is a light novel and is published in digital print. She is the character fresh out of high school. She spends her time modeling. She is a schoolgirl. She is the character of adorable art and the protagonist. The hero of the novel was very impressive. Every girl wants to dance with him.

Yuri manga is beautiful and cute. She looks at her and falls in love with him.

Manga Owl

Manga owl is the best comic story. The author of the owl is “Yusa Marino”.Action,comedy,fight,romance,seinen,supernatural,genres are available in owl. The tags of manga owls are…..

·    Love square

·    Fufu

·    Roly

·    Must read

·    Hot ml

Manga is a very innocent character. She is very humble and always ready to fight. She is a swordswoman. she always fights with his sword. She is always ready to face everything bravely. This is the best series. In the volume of 2021, The author includes love between girls who confess their feelings. This amazing app offers comic books to meet feathers related to these characters.

My Reading Manga

This is a western comic in my reading. This is furry in my reading manga.

This series shows the upgrade caused by four functions. This is the furry, and great Yaoi western comic in my reading. It is the recommendation of sexual relationships with men to men for secret relations. The story revolves around two brothers who have the closest relationship between them.

The reading shows that the graphic picture was never controlled and used men to men. In the comic, the male people do not understand his feelings and do not make sure about all these changes.

Yaoi Manga

This is an English novel. The comic book was written by “Japanese women”.japanese used these categories in every relationship. This site is related to the hottest you, “boy love”.

The Author of the story is ” Shigeru Itoi”. The tag of this story is a Love triangle- ongoing-meiotic- boy love. This is a sensually wet love story which deals with a boy character Nibiki HE is twenty -two years old boy He does not know

Peeing in pants when another person touches him. He is upset about his change. He works in a cafe with his twin cousins. Brothers. They get used to being around people. He shares these changes with his twin cousins. They useNabiki for sexuality and say that it was pee, but it is not.

The story moves around the boy’s love and his close relationship.

Metamorphosis Manga

Metamorphosis manga is written by two ladies” Japanese-American” named “Shindol”. This comic is about a girl who completes her schooling and goes to college for graduation.

Metamorphosis is the graphic picture of a girl who falls into a depressing, and storyline. This is published in”2013 -2016″.This is a very Misturi series. The author discusses all t disgusting and disturbing senses. The first side shows the feeling of WOW, on the other hand, shows the feeling of sadness. Saki is the main character .she is a disturbed-mind character. She had a baby, an unloved family, and a false boyfriend. She is a school stranger. When she met her father she abused him and blamed him. She killed her school friend. She is crazy and used drugs. The end of the story shows sadness.

Vagabond Manga

This series is related to material arts. This is written by “Tajehiko Inoue”. These genres are related to epic, Historical arts, This epic is related to vagabond manga and his childhood friend. This App is published By “Kodansha”. This is a Japanese series with interesting epic and material art by “Takehiko Inoue”. This epic shows the graphic picture of swordsmen.

The genre of the epic is historical, material arts. This is the high quality of the English language. This is the best and most popular of all time. In Japan, is very popular and many viewers liked these characters a lot.

Manga Go

This series shows that the graphic picture of the cute girl go which is disturbing about his dream and coming in grand mother`s house. but dreams never left is here. This series is related to transforming school life This comic shows that mafia mystery.

This isn’t a fantasy story. The author of the story is “Mina Petrovic”.

This story revolves around two characters “Tulie” and “Sam”. She falls in love with Sam. She planned to attend college and meet him, but she died. She did not understand his feelings. She never woke up from this depression. She always thinks about her sam. She leads a quiet life.

Naruto Manga

This is a Japanese series, which is written by “Masashi Kishimoto”.The young ninja is the hero of a village. which is recognized by peers and dreams Nitro is always ready for the fight. His appearance is very interesting and beautiful. His eyes are blue and blue hair. This series shows the picture of a player of society., which always fights with anime. He is a well-oriented character.

He is a dramatic character. He is strong by nature and fights with bravery. In the series, the character shows that, fights with difficulty with patience and strength.

Horimiya Manga

The publisher is Horimiya manga by “Yen Press”. This isn’t an additional side-story. It is a good and long but interesting story related to Horimiya manga`s battle and ordinary life. Miyamura-Kun is the best character in the story.

This series is written by and illustrated by ” HERO”.This is a site story publisher is “Yen Press”. It has many chapters and volumes. Dekha shows the interesting and beautiful characters of two girls. This book is a novel and right stuff anime. This is the genre of romantic comedy. In the story, the age of the is 17 years.

Giantess Manga

The story is an art by Rumiko Takashi”.It is released in 15-2020. This story is related to a magical offensive. It’s a magical, realistic tale. The tags of are




This is a full-screen vowel. The whole story moves around the stranger girl, who falls in love, and gets engaged. She has no choice but to marry. She had a baby on the first night. She pretends to be a stranger. The creators of the cartoon are original. This whole cartoon is a graphical picture of the realistic and closest relationship between them.

Nana Manga

This is a beautiful comic about two people. This is a Japanese series written by “Cengel”. This is an English magazine. Nana is a very popular girl. The writer shows the graphic picture of two different girls. Nana is one name of two characters which are “Nana Manga” and “Nana Osaki”.

They both are friends and study together in school. they have a relationship between them. In the story, Nana is a well-oriented girl. She faces everybody confidently. On the other hand, Osaki never meets unknown people. She always keeps quiet and really impresses her friend.

177013 Manga

Metamorphosis was written by ‘Shinelo”.It was published in 2003 in the emergency base. It is an epic of romance and comedy which is interesting in the main character of girl. 177013 is the emergency sign of girls.

She is ready to help other people. The character in the is very powerful. She is a fighter character. She is looking impressive. The characters in the are interesting and logical. This series is introduced in an emergency.

Trail of Blood Manga

Trail of blood manga deals with the big magazine, comic, superior in February 2017. This is written by “Shozo Oshimi”. S is published by “Shogskuleun”. It deals with psychological suspense. In the magazine, the graphic picture of a mother who loves her son a lot.

It is pure and blood love with her son, and I think that she completes his life with his son. In this series, the graphic picture of love, faith, and surviving his life with another beloved person. The picture shows that the mother gives a lot of attention to her child and cares a lot.

Blood relations never change in every way of life. In the series, the author shows the graphic picture of a mother and his lovely child. She knows all the moments of his childhood and especially knows the feelings of sadness, and happiest moments.

Chainsaw Manga

This is the best story of horror and suspense. It is collected into 8 volumes. Chainsaw manga is the brave hero of the story. The story is about a world where devils caused harm to humans which made them the target of extermination. The characters of chainsaws are the graphic picture of love, comedy, horror. Deiji is a young and depressed man. He works as a tree cutter. He fights with the devil and catches innocent people, he is a devil hunter.

In The story the hero is a very impressive character, he always fights against suspicious characters. The story is related to horror. And the hero is looking like a murderer but he is not. He is very humble and nice by nature but his physical appearance is different.

This story is about a hero who struggles very hard and shows suspense and horror.

Rent a girlfriend manga

This comic is in high-quality English. The author of the story is “Miyajima Reiji”. This was released in 2007. The genre is comedy-love-slice of life. This story shows the graph of romance and logical reasons for his feeling. In the story when she goes to university, she meets the hero of the university. She said how cute and sweet. she wants to be in a secret relationship but it’s very difficult.

It is a pretty character in the story. She wants to be very close with her beloved.

Nagatoro Manga

Nagatoro manga is a different play.in the play, Nagatoro is a friend of senpai. The play shows the concept of teasing his beloved and his friend. senpai is also a jealous character of the play and she is jealous of nagatoro.

She is looking very beautiful and cute. Then senpai never likes him. She always uses his tricks to feel shameless to nagatro. She is a very naughty character in the series.

She never hurts someone but she always teases his friend snaipai. She knows that she is jealous of his friend.

Bl Manga

Bl… short form is (boy love) this term is japan. this play shows the pictures of deep relationships with men to men and women to women. The author of the play is “Shui Qian Cheng”.this play is related to two- the moon and his beloved.

This novel is borrowed from “japan” This shows the graphic picture of the boy relationship. This novel is consumed among females dominated groups of writers and readers. This is a very popular novel. because the whole characters are handsome and beautiful. This series is related to the BL relationship.

This novel was launched by “Zetsuai” in “1989”. (absolute love 1989). In the novel, the male falls in many changes including a sense of attraction. In the start, some males are confused about this change and feelings, but all these situations are normal. A boy like another boy is a way of attraction.

Death Note Manga

This is a serialized magazine written by “Tsugumi Ohba”.This is an English publisher by AUS madman. This book is interesting and fantastic and much cheaper than others

This is the realistic version. The hero of the series is material power and art. This epic is very interesting. The whole story moves around like a black swordsman

This epic is related to graphic and pin ink. It has 50 volumes available on websites.

Record of Ragnarok Manga

This is written by “Shiny Umemura”. And illustrated by “Ajichika”. Ragnarok is the strongest character in the story. He fights in his childhood about his father`s defeat.

This is the highest rate of novels. The rate of is specialized for his character. The best was published in Berserk, Uzumaki. It is published in two seasons.

In the first season, does not impress his viewers with his appearance, on the other hand, he looks very strong and brave. The character always fights with anime. The whole story moves around the fighting spirits.

Futanari Manga

This site shows the graphic picture of sirsiol-nighttime-fucking- with futanari.

The comic book deals with galleries and emotions of everybody’s life.

This is original series, which deals with fucking -and futanari.

It has a lot of galleries. This is a very popular and best series in japan. This series is about comics. These are the best sex stories and hentai comics. The whole story moves around the favorite character.

Tu manga online

In the story show, specify the language in preference. This is the English version. Tu is one the best and most popular covering comedy.

This is a Japanese series and style. These versions of the series are stored in different styles in different countries. This is one of the best series in Japan. The characters in the are very cute. She is a schoolgirl. This shows the graphic picture of a fresh mentality and confident mind.

Gainshine Manga

This novel is related to “Ganesh, Tivat itinerary”. Gentine impact is a collection of events and times of the game in the main story. There are official pictures of games and experiences. This is an impact across the fantasy world. The world name is “Tivat”.

She is such a pretty and cute character in the series. His digital impact on webtoon. The messages of the comic show civilizations of the human world. This is published on a website.

Manga PFP

Manga PFP stands for (picture for proof profile). The site shows pictures of which people can express their feelings with the help of Anime Pfp is to express the picture’s story. This comic shows the originality of the character.

This series is mostly used in Japanese countries. The picture profiles show the best impact on viewers. The whole series is grammatically used in the portfolio. The whole thing is related to imaginary pictures and making a story. This series is simple graphic pictures.

Deku Manga

This is the main protagonist. Dekun is the hero of the story “My hero academia”.in this picture shows that The hero is not a hero of the story, he is the super-hero of academia. Deku uses a smokescreen and floats.

Deku `s birthday is 15th,July.Deku is 14th years old, in his (1-2 chapters).

The age 12 years old in (3-to final).and training in the age of 16th.Deku is the final hero of the story. She is very pretty. she always has a bag and in his bag many things like elbow bad, knee pads, and gloves.

Deku is very polite and humble in the story. She does create scenes in abnormal situations.his observation is endless. Deku is regular in his school activities.

In academia, Deku is a prominent character. Deku is very excited to read the storyline in chapter 306.

Deku is a hard worker and a goal-oriented character. At his age, she works hard and makes a superhero of society. Todorki is his best -friend in his school life. Deku very trusts and loves his friend. Todorki has an incredible character level in academia. Ochako is the boyfriend of Deku. They have a very close relationship between them. He fell in love with the beautiful and cute dance of Deku. Izuku is the present and slow build romance of the protagonist. The fans of these characters are left and search for other ideas of the couple in meantime.

Alice in Boreland Manga

This is an unsuitable site for children under 16. this is Japanese fiction. This is a video game and the whole story deals with touches of humor. It is the hero of Alice in Boreland.

This novel is published in December 2021. The season of Alice on Netflix. It has two volumes. The first volume shows that “Game master”. And the second is related . Mira is a different character in the novel. She saw and likes him very much. But, the does not know that Meera is actually The Queen of heart.

Bara manga

Bara manga is also a sketch of homosexual relationships between men. Bara and Yoai write different heading about the sexual relationship. Bara write men to men and Yoai write down his lines for women to women

The genre of Japanese art. The genre focused on male sex love, as created by love to male. Bara shows visual style and plot. She shows the graphic picture of homosexuality in japan. She says that the boy does not make sure this changes but it depends on the boy building Streameast.

It is depicted in romantic, and autobiographical material. She shows comic art largely. She declares every matter smoothly. She declares every matter of the sexual relationship between men to men. She is distinct from Yaoi she just focussed on the homoerotic relationship between male characters, that that historically has been created by women.

Naruto Hentai Manga

This is an anime series. Naruto hentai manga is graphic pictures of secret relationships. The first volume is published on “August 16, 2013”. This is a comic about women’s sexuality. Like as bara describe everything of men to men sexuality. Naruto also describes everything about female sexuality. In the story, the author says that. it`s a simple attraction of females otherwise nothing else.

Soul Eater Manga

Soul manga is a Japanese series. soul is written by “Atsushi Okube” and published by “Square Enix”. Soul revolves around three characters and a team.

This is the latest chapter of high-quality English. This series was released on “September 22, 2011” and finished on “December 22, 2014”. The original eater is viewed by Netflix, Hulu. It represents a volume.

The corona is the best character in the series. In this series, the age of corona is 15 years old. She is an attractive character. loves him very much. Corona is considered to be a very close friend. She shares everything with her soul streameas live.

Manga Deku

Manga Deku is the hero of the series. fights with full determination and bravery in the series. The appearance of the Deku is very beautiful. His eyes are very large, and their arms are the same match green color as his hair.HE is watery, energized and innocent in appearance. He shows the graphic picture of gradually growing stronger. His hands show screaming. His right arm was damaged in his fight with Muscular.

Izuku takes care of Deku when the upper portion of the arm is heavily damaged.HE studied in “junior High school” in his school life he wore a plain black uniform with yellow buttons. HR wore brown shoes. His appearance is very interesting.

Fire Force Manga

Fire force manga is the best series. Fire-force is blazing “fire brigade”.It has thirty -two

chapters are available in series. This series is written by “Gakuto Haijima”. This series is directed by “Yuki Yase”. This is an anime television series. In North, America gets licensed in the English language.

This force manages with full confidence and determination. His genres are always complete with action, supernatural and heavy fantasy. This is the fire-Box set character. Fire Force Manga is always ready for a fight, with complications. This is always ready to help everybody. It is a super-powered character in the series streameastlive .com.

The shows the graphic picture of humbleness, politeness, and bravery. This is an active and sharp-mind character. The series works very hard and viewers like him very much.

Isekai Manga

Isekai Manga is a fantasy gerns.The tags of Iskai are…

·    Fantasy

·    Magic

·    Romance

·    Novels

This is the first wide anime film. This film is related to other worlds like Telephonic, recreation, or fallings in one way or another. This is a fantasy story. The theme of Iskai is different from other fantasies. The best elements of Iskai are world buildings. This is a popular fantasy. This is the spirit of migrations.

The central theme of Sekai is transferred to another world for the fights. The whole story revolves around the innocent little girl. Satou is the best friend of Sekai. In the front of his appearance is very interesting and impressive. She has blue eyes, blue hair, and white skin. She stands in front of war and commands the army with a lapsing voice.

She is a little girl who manages her life with full determination, courageousness. She completes her ways of life to fight with dangerous people and things. She is the popular worry of the series.

Manga Ecchi

The Author of the “Miyajima Reji”.The genre of manga ecchi is Romance-school life. She is always fascinated by casual anime. This is a cultured genre. This is the hottest Japanese series which shows the graphic picture of love and romance.

Ecchi is iconic, moments of intimacy, which serve to be major and focus on ecchi`s series. The author shows the graphic picture of Biological nature.

The main character uses wacky, racy, to satisfy his viewers. This series is about a college student. She plays with ” Emiru Ikuno “. He blackmails ecchi to not show his private relationship to others. He says t at, They start his new life slowly, and develop their relationship.

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