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Bren Northern Lights Review

Bren Northern Lights

Buying a property and a home of my own in Bangalore has always been a dream of mine. I was looking for a property relentlessly and then one of my acquaintances told me about the property, which is a win-win in almost all situations. A few months back, I bought a flat in Bren Northern Lights, and I’m so happy to have made a choice.

Bren Northern Lights is an affluent project created employing the most recent housing technologies, and it is being built by the well-known building company Bren Constructions. One can Live elegantly in one of the 9 towers’ worth of 2 BHK flats at Bren Northern Lights and introduce your family to a classy neighbourhood.

Buying a new house at Bren Northern Lights will include you in this exclusive and extraordinary journey.

It ensures you live close to important landmarks, tech parks, schools, universities, hospitals, and anything else you require while also ensuring that you breathe healthier air. You will never run out of room or positive energy in 100% Vastu-compliant homes since every square inch of the housing unit is widely employed to present you with a large and radiant home.

Local hospitals, retail shops, green spaces, playgrounds, and shopping centres are also located close to the property.

Why I Would Recommend Buying Property At Bren Northern Lights 

Bren Northern Lights, a leading residential community, offers you the highest quality of life with beautiful furnishings for your loving houses and robust exteriors to protect your memories and family heirlooms. With renowned tech parks, reputable educational institutions, top hospitals, and a variety of shopping, networking, and entertainment opportunities nearby, the Bren Northern Lights engagement puts you in a favourable position. Bren Northern Lights makes your ideal of a luxurious lifestyle replete with amenities a reality.

The Fantastic Bren Northern Lights Amenities That I Love 

I suggest you live in spacious quarters for the entire family. After all, what could be better than opening your curtains every day to a spectacular view of the lovely city of Bangalore? All this and more is promised to the inhabitants of Bren Northern Lights. Among these amenities are.

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● These residences guarantee the protection and well-being of your loved ones with industry-standard compliance fire safety measures, round-the-clock Security, and camera surveillance.

● Enjoy a sustainable way of life with features like a rainwater collecting system to effectively manage your water needs.

● For your socialising, fitness, knowledge, and entertainment needs, there is a public hall, skate rink, recreational sports fields, and swimming pool.

● With the party space and the clubhouse, socialising and amusement are made simple.

Bren Northern Lights: Location Advantage

A Bren Northern Lights home is an excellent investment for you due to its many amenities and proximity to essential hospitals, schools, and other social facilities. Bren Northern Lights is an excellent area for your new house because of the following factors:

● Within 16 to 20 minutes, there is a bus stop at Allalasandra Gate and the CS-Yelahanka Police Station.

● Train stations at Yelahanka Junction, as well as Thanisandra, are 17–18 minutes apart.

● The travel time between Maruthi Medical Shop and Chaitanya Community Hospital is about 18 to 20 minutes.

● The distance between Max, More Hypermarket, and other retail areas is only 15–27 minutes.

Affordable Pricing

The price range for an apartment at Bren Northern Lights is from ₹35.8 Lacs to ₹46 Lacs. It has a super attractive greenery centre. It is the best price with many essential facilities and amenities for its customers.

Reputation of Bren Constructions

Bren Constructions has long been recognised as one of the most prestigious builders of luxury highrises and apartment complexes. It has always offered and maintained a superior experience of a lifetime with premium residential infrastructures thanks to its years of commercial experience and large clientele. It is currently one of India’s most prominent and prosperous real estate developers, and for a good reason.


I hope that my honest review of Bren Northern Lights was helpful and you learned new information about the project. If you are actively looking for properties in Bangalore, do visit 

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