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4 Crucial Ways to Protect Your Turbocharged Engine


To help the engine reach its ultimate potential, 4×4 vehicle owners modify their diesel engines with turbochargers. They invest in high-quality parts like gcgturbos to ensure their automobiles will have an excellent performance on the road. Turbocharged diesel can cut down on engine emissions as it gains DPF filters and achieves more efficient standard rail injection systems to achieve the vehicle’s maximum miles per gallon. 

But you can only experience all these advantages if you know how to take care of your turbocharged engine. Proper maintenance of turbocharged vehicles usually begins before you turn on the key or push the start button. Here are several ways to take care of your turbocharged engine to ensure that your 4×4 runs smoothly for years. 

Tip #1: Always Remember to Warm Up

Engine oil tends to thicken, especially when it is cold. It can prevent the oil from flowing freely all over the bay. If you run the vehicle without thinning or warming the oil, you may put the turbocharged moving parts at a higher risk of wear and tear. 

Once you get behind the wheel, you must always remember to warm up before running a cold car. You need to go easy on pushing the accelerator pedal during the first 10 minutes of driving to avoid straining the oil pump and avoid problems with the turbo system. It is also necessary to observe the oil gauge until it reaches its ideal temperature. 

Tip #2: Perform Regular Oil Maintenance 

The turbo systems of all vehicles are commonly made of multiple moving parts that spin at astonishingly high speeds. These parts also work under extreme pressure and heat. Because of this, you need to ensure that there is a constant flow of high-quality engine oil for proper lubrication of the compression valve and all the intake and outlet fans. It is also necessary to lessen damages and help the perform properly. 

To get the best performance from turbochargers like the ones from gcgturbos, you must regularly change your engine’s oil every 5,000 miles. You must replace it with fully synthetic oil with the appropriate API rating for the vehicle’s type. It is also best to consult with the vehicle’s handbook to check the best oil for the automobile.  

Tip #3: Avoid Overstepping the Turbo Limits when Driving 

It may sound exciting to upgrade your turbo system. But it is always crucial to be aware of the limits of the vehicle’s turbocharged system. It will help you avoid overexerting the capacity of the engine by not getting too overpowering with the accelerator. 

When driving around town or on the road, you must always avoid jabbing the accelerator. You must slowly ease the power on the vehicle to let the turbo have a better chance of spinning properly and use the accelerator sporadically to maintain the speed. It will help the engine last longer.

Tip #4: Allow the Engine to Cool After Driving

Turbocharged engines often produce high levels of heat while the vehicle is running. If you turn the engine off immediately, the residual heat will begin to boil the oil within the turbo system. It will lead to possible corrosion and untimely damages due to the carbon particle build-up.

You can easily avoid premature wear and tear if you habitually leave the running idle for at least a few minutes after driving. It will cool down the turbo without heating the engine oil after switching off.  

Installing a turbocharger in your 4×4 vehicle can help you reach more places and run more roads conveniently. But you can only enjoy the engine’s full potential if you know how to take care of it properly. So follow these tips to get the most out of a turbocharged. 

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