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5 Fun Ways to Amp Up Your Dress For a Killer OOTD

Whether you’re wearing a sheath, wrap-around, or maxi dress, you can always find ways to jazz up your look. Completing your OOTD or outfit of the day rests on cool accessories that spruce up your ensemble. Accessorizing is fun, but it can be quite challenging for some who don’t know what to do. With so many accessory choices, it can be quite confusing and overwhelming to choose how to enhance your various dresses

Keep in mind, choosing accessories is about complimenting your outfit and enhancing your best features. Have fun and don’t stress out. Check out the following cool tips to help you jazz up your get up, so you can go out and strut your stuff with confidence.

Pick the Perfect Bag

The majority of girls will never leave home without a bag. Remember, your bag is also another fashion statement, and it must tie up perfectly with your whole look. If you are off to the office wearing a tailored dress, then a boxy portfolio bag will work well. However, if you are going clubbing for a fun night with your BFFs, wear your strapless cocktail dress with a cute clutch. The bag you bring with you is more than just an object for carrying your belongings. In fact, it is a big piece that helps you set the tone.

Don a Nice Hat

Think of the Royals and other British women who wear fancy hats with their dresses. They look elegant and stylish. Hats are funky, flirty, fun, and fab. It is very easy to match a wide-brimmed straw hat with a flowy, floral summer dress. Meanwhile, you can pop on a beret with a more tailored sheath dress during autumn. Even a denim dress will look great with a cap in your favorite color. Capping off (pun intended) your look with a cool hat helps you glam up no matter the season. It’s impossible to go wrong when you match this with your fave ensembles.

Try a Funky Waist Belt

Remember, you’re not just stuck with leather belts that are typically utilized for holding up too baggy and loose pants. Belts have the power to enhance your figure when you wear a dress. A belt can help show off your curves and highlight your hourglass silhouette. The key is finding the right belt that matches the print, color, and material of your dress. There are many styles to collect, from a narrow glitter belt to a wide, chunky leather piece embossed with patterns. Having several pieces in your closet will provide that much-needed help so you can jazz up any dress or outfit.

Think About the Outer Layer

When you wear a dress, you must think of your outerwear, especially during the cooler months. Even in the summer, you can spruce up your casual skater dress for office wear if you match it with a more formal blazer. It would help to consider what you intend to put over the dress. After all, the outer layer will create a huge difference in your final look. For example, a denim vest can dress down a silky outfit. Meanwhile, a very plain blue dress will look girly if you pair it up with a flirty knit sweater with pearls at the collar. Remember to match everything with the right pair of shoes and accessories.

Wear an Eye-Catching Necklace

Cleopatra was definitely on to something! You will not catch this Queen of Egypt without a stunning choker. Clearly, this neckwear has been around since time immemorial. When you’ve got a plain, monochrome dress, you can make it stand out with a fancy necklace that draws eyes to your face. What’s fun about this neckpiece is you will find a broad range of styles from fashionable colored beads to stunning fine jewelry. There’s one out there for every budget. You can even try to layer several dainty necklaces to create a bigger fashion statement. Sky’s the limit to your imagination!

Finally, you can also try playing with different cocktail rings, earrings, or bangles. But remember, the rule of accessorizing is to select an area you want to highlight. If you’re already wearing chunky chandelier earrings, go with a simple necklace and bracelet because you don’t want to emulate a Christmas tree loaded with ornaments. The key is finding balance with your chosen dress so you will look pretty, pristine, and polished. And don’t forget, the best accessory of them all is your smile brimming with confidence.

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