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4 Easy Ways to Convert DVD into MP4

Convert DVD

If you have a DVD and want to Convert DVD it to MP4 so you can watch it on the go, you may do it by “ripping” the VideoByte DVD. This post will explain why and how to produce an MP4 digital version from DVD on a Pc.

Since 2008, when services like Netflix began streaming and the popularity of discs began to ebb and flow, sales of VideoByte DVDs have been steadily declining. The time is right for the digital revolution. Thus, the trend toward digital video content continues to grow. Therefore, the need to convert DVDs to MP4s will only increase. For one reason, you can thus secure your prized movie collection from physical harm. The second change is that you may now access your content from any device, not just a PC. Everything you need to know about making the switch from DVD to MP4 and some hazards to watch out for is right here.

The Best 4 Easy Ways to Convert DVD into MP4thods for Converting DVDs to MP4 on Windows 10, Windows 11, and Mac:

Hundreds of commercial or free applications promise to convert DVDs to MP4. WinX DVD Ripper, HandBrake, etc., are just a few excellent options. The following applications include in the top Convert DVD rippers ranking because of their intuitive user interfaces, easy-to-follow instructions, and reliable Convert DVD to MP4 conversion capabilities.

Way 1: Rip a DVD to MP4:

Windows, Mac, and Linux users agree that Handbrake is the best free VideoByte Convert DVD ripping software such as blu-ray ripper available. To convert CSS and region-locked DVDs to MP4 and MKV without spending a dime, download and install the libdvdcss plugin for Handbrake. There are more complex options for encoding, effects, parameter tweaking, etc., but mastering them might take some time.

Please install Microsoft DESKTOP runtime 5. x if you want to use the most recent version of Handbrake to rip a Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows 10 or 11.

Way 2: How to Rip a DVD and Make an MP4 Video File:

The first step is to get Handbrake onto your computer (Mac or PC) and launch it.

Followed by inserting the DVD you want to rip to MP4 format.

You may load the DVD movie by selecting Open Source 3. Please note that you may only rip unencrypted Convert DVD. You should get libdvdcss if the DVD, ISO image, or DVD folder encode with CSS or region code. A warning saying “no valid source or titles found” will appear otherwise.

In the case of DVDs intended for personal use only, you will choose the primary title. VLC allows you to manually choose the disc’s title, even if it’s encrypted so that you can watch protected Convert DVD.

The drop-down menu labelled “Presets” has options such as “General,” “Web,” “Matroska,” “Hardware,” and so on. If you’re in the US, go with Fast480p30; if you’re in Europe, go with Fast576p25. Selecting HQ improves picture quality but might slow down the VideoByte Convert DVD encoding process.

Under the Summary, choose “MP4” as the output format.

Select a location to save the MP4 file by clicking the Browse button.

Select Start Encode from the menu.

Be aware that if you update to macOS 10.11 or later, Handbrake may not correctly transcode certain DVDs to MP4. It is because Apple has implemented new System Integrity Protection to restrict the running of malicious malware. To manage encrypted DVDs, you’ll also need to get libdvdcss from the internet and put it to good use.

Way 3: Use VLC to make an MP4 from a DVD

VLC’s DVD decoder capability is robust, and its user-friendly interface makes it an attractive option. You can easily convert DVDs to MP4, H.264, H.265, WMV, WebM, and numerous device profiles, and it also functions as a media player. Nonetheless, there are certain drawbacks to consider. You have no say over the conversion settings (resolution, bitrate, screen resolution, deinterlacing, aspect ratio, volume, and more), and you can’t decrypt a protected DVD using VLC.

The Best Way to Rip a DVD to an MP4 Using VLC:

Download the VLC media player, then install it and launch it. Put in the DVD that you want to watch on VLC.

Second, launch the converter and choose Convert/Save from the Media menu in the main screen’s upper left-hand corner. To play a DVD, choose the Disc button.

After the DVD is inserted into the Disc Device, step 3 is to choose the option to Convert/Save the file. You may also open a disc from the Media tab, go to the VideoByte DVD’s physical location by clicking the Disc Drive drop-down menu, and then choose Convert.

Select Video – h.264 + MP3 from the Profile selection and click Convert.

Five, choose a destination folder to store the finalised video file. To convert a DVD to an MP4 file, press the “Start” button.

VLC is a popular media player that can decode VideoByte DVDs and videos much faster than a computer’s CPU alone. However, when compared to commercial DVD ripper software, VLC’s performance is subpar. So, you may choose one of the other DVD to MP4 converters on our list if you care more about speed than anything else while converting DVDs to MP4.

Way 4: Use Freemake DVD Ripper to create an MP4 file from a DVD

Convert DVD to digital MP4, WMV, or AVI video file; format DVDs to play on phones, tablets, smart TVs, gaming consoles, and more with Freemake DVD Ripper’s extensive library of 50+ preprogrammed profiles. Its ability to bypass safeguards like DVD region codes sets it apart from competing free DVD to MP4 converters. However, Freemake will not work reliably with other types of DVD protection.

Freemake DVD Ripper: A Step-by-Step Guide for Converting DVDs to MP4

Insert a DVD into your disc, launch the downloaded DVD to the MP4 converter, and follow these simple: To add a DVD, follow these steps: click the +DVD button in the menu bar, go to the DVD drive containing the movie’s physical media, and pick the VIDEO TS folder. Pick the largest VOB file that fits your needs. Multiple game options will show when the application reads the disc. If you have to choose one, go for the longest one. Remember that Freemake can’t rip copy-protected DVDs, and even the longest titles don’t always be ripped successfully from DVD to MP4.

Select MP4 from the list of available profiles at the bottom of the screen, then adjust the MP4 parameters as desired. For instance, the dropdown menus let you choose the desired quality, such as maintaining the original DVD resolution or upscaling to 720p (which, again, will not improve the picture).

When you’re ready to convert VideoByte DVDs, click the Convert button after making any necessary adjustments.

One thing to keep in mind: There are some upsell efforts in the free DVD to MP4 converter edition. In most cases, the pirated movies also include the Freemake logo, making them almost unwatchable. You should pay for the full version if you want to get rid of the ads.


It’s natural to ponder how to choose the greatest DVD ripper when deciding how to change a DVD to MP4. It would help if you considered how quickly it converts, how many different formats it can export to, how user-friendly the interface is, and how many extra features there are for organising videos. This article lists resources for converting DVDs to MP4 on your computer or the Internet. VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper is your best bet, the world’s most potent, user-friendly, and easy desktop DVD to MP4 ripper. If you want to watch DVDs on an MP4 player, give VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper a go.

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