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Eureka Ergonomic Pink Desk L Shaped Gaming Desk L60 Review  

Gaming Desk

If you’re in the market for a corner gaming desk, one that can serve as anything from an excellent streaming spot to a place to get all that work done, then the Eureka L60 might just be the thing for you. This mighty cute, pink L shape Gaming Desk is more than just a looker, however. It’s designed to keep gaming, streaming, editing, and working as comfortable and convenient as possible. In this review, we’re going to take a look at the various features of the Eureka L60, what they’re good for, and whether or not the whole package works as a result.

Great use of space

Gaming Desk

Aside from the fact that it looks great, the design of the L60 has a lot of practical reasons to be the way that it is, as well. As an L-shape gaming computer Gaming Desk , it has the benefit of fitting nice and easily into any corner, meaning that it takes up minimal space in your room, while still giving you plenty of space to make your own gaming and streaming station. There’s plenty of room for multiple monitors, your keyboard, mouse, as well as lighting equipment such as a ring light, and more. The L-shape means that it’s easy to keep things on your left-hand side, as well, whether it’s a Gaming Desk  tray, a stream deck, or anything else that you might want to make use of.

There’s plenty of space under the desk, as well, for when you’re pulled in tight to the gaming action. This way, your legs aren’t going to be all cramped up, so they’re not as likely to be sore when you get up from your game session. There’s enough space underneath for you to slide your feet under while having room for a PC tower, as well. The L-shape allows for more space underneath to the side, as well, which can be a great place to store things, or you can just give yourself the room to swing around in your chair, as well.

Convenience built-in

Aside from the great shape and build, there are plenty of features that make this pink gaming desk a better fit for your corner gaming space. The first of which is the rubber stops on the bottoms of the legs. This makes sure that the desk doesn’t slide across the floor and doesn’t leave any marks while you’re gaming, either. The accessory rail that goes along the sides and back of the desk can be excellent for clipping on all manners of additions, such as a cup holder, a place to hold your controllers, a headphone rack, and much more. 

There’s even a socket holder that you can find on the underside of the desk, that makes it really easy to keep your cables organized, ensuring that you don’t have the all-too-common tangle of wires running down the back of it. The double cable grommets and management armor keep things nice and tidy while offering some protection for your cables to go with it.

While an L-shaped gaming desk might seem like a daunting task to anyone who isn’t super handy with their DIY, the L60 is designed to be easy to build. It shouldn’t take much more than 30 minutes to build the thing from scratch once you have all of the pieces unpacked, and all of the tools needed to assemble it comes directly in the package as well.

A gaming desk that’s built to last

Don’t let the pretty colors fool you, this desk is built sturdy, as well. You can take this thing into the most intense of gaming sessions and not have to worry about its stability or sturdiness at all. So long as it is assembled correctly, it has been designed to be real heavy duty. There’s no looseness between the different components of the desk, the rubber stops at the bottom to keep it from moving while you’re gaming, and the high-quality finish doesn’t mark easily.

If you’re worried about getting a desk that’s going to start showing signs of wear and tear shortly after you start to use it, you can put that fear to rest. The Eureka L60 offers great quality in construction. Just make sure that you follow the instructions for the corner gaming desk closely to ensure the best possible results.

The importance of ergonomics

Whether you’re working, gaming, or streaming, you need to make sure that you can stay comfortable if you’re planning to sit at your computer desk for hours at a time. To that end, the ergonomic features of the L60 are well worth the price. The room that you have beneath the desk makes it easy to find a comfortable resting position for your feet. If you need to turn to the side panel of the desk for any reason then you have plenty of room to swivel, as well.

This desk is best used with an ergonomic chair, as well, especially one that you can adjust your height with. You want to make sure that your eyeline is level with the top of your monitor so that you don’t have to crane your head up or down. That’s how you ensure that your back and neck are kept in the best health.

Perhaps the best gaming-centric pink desk around

The Eureka Ergonomic Pink Desk L Shaped Gaming Desk L60 is built from the ground up to fulfil all of your gaming needs. It has the space for all of your peripherals and up to three monitors, and plenty of leg room, not to mention space for your PC tower below. It has a host of features to make it easy to add accessories and manage your cables. Most importantly, it’s built to last and to stay sturdy, supporting you for plenty of gaming stations to come. If you’re in the market for a corner gaming desk, then this is definitely one that’s worth considering as your top pick.

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