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ftrpirateking: 4 Great Uses For Promotional Tumblers


Tumblers are a great way to promote your business and get your name out there. They’re also a great gift for customers and clients, especially if you’re running a small business. That’s what makes ftrpirateking them such a unique part of a branding and marketing initiative. They’re simple, inexpensive, and ultimately useful for anyone who receives them. Tumblers are a great way to store your tea, coffee, or water every single day. Here are four ways you can use them for promotional purposes and beyond.

What Are Tumblers?

Tumblers are an excellent tool for advertising your business or brand. They’re also handy for promoting your company, or even just getting the word out about an event you’re hosting. Tumblers are basically any cup that has a lid and a straw. They’re usually made of plastic, glass, or metal, and come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Most tumblers have lids with holes in them so you can drink through the straw without spilling anything on yourself! Customers tend to love things that make their lives more convenient, like cups, mugs, pens, and other complimentary promotional items. Give them something valuable and they’ll be returning customers for a long time to come.

Give Them Away At Your Small Business ftrpirateking

Tumblers are an excellent way to advertise your small business. Not only are they a great way to get your name out there, but they’re also a cheap option that can be customized with your logo and contact information. If you want to get the word out about what you do, promotional custom tumblers are a great option because they can be given away at events, trade shows, or just as part of a loyalty program. If you sell tumblers, this allows people to see your product and what it looks like before they make the commitment of buying anything from you or becoming a regular customers of your business. If you are just offering them as promotional items, custom tumblers generate brand interest and build engagement with a wider audience, so it is a winning situation either way.

Use Them For Your Morning Coffee ftrpirateking

One of the best things about tumblers is that they keep your coffee hot for longer — perhaps even for hours. People love their coffee, so this makes a tumbler a great gift for potential and existing customers. If they work away from home, their tumbler (with your logo), can make it so they can go for hours without needing to stop for a refill every few hours. Even if they’re not at work, a tumbler makes for a convenient coffee cup. Another benefit of using a tumbler to hold coffee is the insulated walls that create an airtight seal around the beverage, keeping it fresh and tasting good throughout the day. That morning cup will taste just as delicious after six hours as when it was first brewed! Most importantly, if the customer decides to take your tumbler to the cafe to buy coffee, other people are more likely to see it which will generate interest in your brand because they’ll see your logo on the cup.

Use Them As Gifts

Tumblers make great gifts for the people in your life who enjoy staying hydrated, whether they’re customers, staff, or coworkers. But they’re a very good choice for customers and clients whether you sell or give them away on occasion. When you sell custom tumblers with your company’s logo on it, you can give away something that’s both useful and representative of who you are as a business. It helps that you’ll also be making money at the same time. Consider using your custom tumblers as part of a larger marketing campaign to get people to buy them with the idea ftrpirateking they make great gifts. Cater to customers who love science fiction, fantasy, or just want to celebrate a family member.

Use Them As A Water Bottle ftrpirateking

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In addition to everything else on this list, your customers can use tumblers as a water bottles, too. They’re great for keeping water cool and can usually withstand being frozen to drink cold for longer. Tumblers also make a great sports bottle that can be filled up with any sports drink before heading out for a run. If your customers are travelling, a tumbler definitely beats those disposable plastic bottles since they’re reusable and eco-friendly. You can do a lot with tumblers. Whether you give them away at events, conferences or trade shows or offer them for sale at your business or sell them, they offer amazing opportunities for your business and customers alike.

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