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4 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Coffee Grinder Machine in Singapore


If you’re a coffee lover and you’re looking for the best way to grind your beans at home, you’ll want to buy a coffee grinder machine. But with all the different models of the best grinder machine on the market, it’s tough to know which one is right for you. This article provides four important things to help you choose the best coffee grinder machine for your needs.

1. Ask Questions

When purchasing an appliance like this, it is important to know all of your options. Some grinders only work with certain types of beans, while others will accommodate any type that you put inside. Knowing which features are most important to you will save you time when searching for the right product.

If your coffee tastes weaker than usual, make sure you turn up the grind. If dust is coming out while grinding, then your blades need to be replaced. If your coffee does not taste fresh enough, try a different bean or switch from burr grinders to blade grinders. In short, asking questions can help narrow down what will work best for you. All of this information will get easily found online if you look hard enough.

2. Ensure Safety

This tip is especially important for those who have children in their home and do not want them to get hurt with a blade grinder machine. These machines use blades and sharp pieces that spin at high speeds to crush the beans. For this reason, they can cause injuries easily if used carelessly. If you have children, for instance, then a blade grinder is not recommended because it has a higher risk of injury than a burr grinder or low-speed grinder machine that uses smooth surfaces.

3. Which Type of Grinding Mechanism to Choose?

There are three different mechanisms that work to grind coffee beans, including Blade (or spinning disc), Burr, and Conical burr (or flat wheel). Here, you will focus on the differences between these mechanisms and their benefits and disadvantages.

Burr Grinders vs Blade Grinders

The first step towards your perfect cup of coffee is using the best burr grinder rather than a simple blade grinder. Burr grinders are among the best grinder machines that are designed to run at low speeds, which means they will not generate as much heat and friction as their high-speed counterparts. If you intend to drink your coffee immediately after grinding it, then this is the best option for you because the taste will be less bitter.

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Blade Grinders vs. Conical Burr

A blade grinder has blades that spin rapidly using electricity or batteries while producing large amounts of friction and heat. Because of these elements, blade grinders produce more noise than conical burr grinders do. Conical burr grinders have two spinning surfaces mounted perpendicular to each other so that beans pass between them repeatedly, making coarse grounds.

Conical Burr/Flat Wheel Burr vs. Conical Burr

Regardless of whether your grinder has a flat wheel or conical burrs, you will get the same results. Both types rotate and fling beans against a surface to break them up into smaller pieces. One type grinds faster than the other, making it more appropriate for those who want to make larger amounts of coffee at once. The various sizes of these machines can also cause differences in taste, especially if you like steaming hot coffee.

4. Use Grind Consistency as Your Guide

Grind consistency refers to how many fine particles there are in your ground. The most common ground consistencies include extra coarse. There is a lot of distance between the largest particles and smallest particles that someone should consider when buying the best grinder machine. The largest particles are the size of large pebbles, while the smaller coffee grounds are about the size of grits or sand grains. This consistency is appropriate for cold brew, Turkish coffee, and French press.

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