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5 Dos and Don’t of Private Jet Interior Refurbishment Designs in Alabama


When you are riding your own private jet or when you have your own aircraft that you usually fly for fun or for business, knowing the ins and outs of your interior, keeping it well-maintained, and having it as comfortable as possible would bring you more benefits than you may think. 

That is where the company that does aircraft interior refurbishment in Alabama comes in. 

What is Aircraft Interior Refurbishing and How Does it Work?

Aircraft interior refurbishment is something that you could do to update the interior of your aircraft so that you could have the best and safest experience while you are refurbishing your plane. 

In aircraft interior refurbishing, the inside of a plane is completely being revamped. Some of the areas are refurbished as well: 

  • Cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Carpeting
  • Armerests
  • Upholstery
  • Entertainment systems
  • Window covers
  • Armrests
  • Composite panels

Southern Air Customs gives your plane a makeover and makes your plane look like it’s brand new, even though the model of your plane may not be the newest. 

5 Dos and Don’t of Private Jet Interior Refurbishment Designs in Alabama

  1. Purchase custom pillows

If you want the interior of your plane to look fresh, then buying custom pillows that would fit your interior would help with the feel you are going for. This would add a better statement to your interior as it gives it a more cozy feel.

  1. Look after your proportions

When you are designing your jet, it could be easy to overwhelm it. You have to proportion the design, from the style of your seat, the color of your panels, and even the carpet pattern. Overdoing it would tend to make it look cheaper

3. Don’t forget the temperature of your lighting

There are some instances where warm lighting is better, or picking better-LED lights for better lighting could be an option that you could look into. This could affect how the interior and feel of your jet could look in general.

4. Understand the type of refurbishment you are going to need

Standard refurbishment

Standard refurbishment usually includes new countertops, plating, and veneer and would usually follow the standard floor plan.

  • Custom refurbishment

When it comes to custom refurbishment, you would be able to customize every part of the jet, from adding or moving seats to add custom cabinets here and there. 

  • Quick-turn refurbishment

This type of refurbishment happens when you are trying to freshen your interior up right after you get the jet. 

5. Do not wait until you have selected your materials

You could start your whole design process even before you get quotes from different facilities so that you would be able to count the materials and design selection that you have already made so you are sure that everything is available and at the price that you expect.

Aircraft Interior Refurbishing –  The Benefits of Extending the Life of Your Alabama Aircraft Interior

  1. Component maintenance

Southern Air Customs can restore some of your items by doing the following:

  • Function in the degradation and the identifiable age of your aircraft
  • Stand as a lubricant or service to help lower the possibility of any functional deterioration
  • Serve as visual and operational check
  • Discard items that are easy or close to deteriorating and place components that would be able to survive for a longer time
  • Restore specific components of your aircraft that would help in resisting failure

2. Airline maintenance

With airline maintenance, you would be able to make sure that your plane and its overall component are safe and reliable.

3. Service experience

There are possibilities that you could experience some damage when you are loading flights, environmental and thermal cycles, and operating on aircraft. The servicing experience would help in effectively applying these new and updated materials that aircraft need. 

4. Structural maintenance

Structural maintenance is when they would assess the design, fatigue, and the tolerance for damage evaluation that would be able to maintain all of the possible things that may happen to your aircraft structurally, like fatigue damage, environmental deterioration, and accidental damages.

5. Ramp and maintenance damage

There is about an average of 36 percent to 40 percent of damage that an aircraft usually has from the ramp and maintenance so in order to determine all of these damages and to what extent it is, ramp and maintenance damage is something you have to really look out for.

Pros of Hiring an Aircraft Interior Refurbishment Company

1. Resale value

If you ever choose to sell your aircraft, having a personalized plane and having it stand out from the rest would be able to add some more resale value since it would be able to help appeal to some customers who are interested in owning their own aircraft. 

If the interior of your aircraft does not look its best, then you are going to have a hard time finding someone who is interested in buying your aircraft because it would not give them the best impression.

2. Optimizing your cabin space

When you first get your aircraft, they are not always built in a way that would take advantage of all the space that you may have, and may not always have the best floor plan. With aircraft interior refurbishment you would be able to maximize the utility of your space and personalize your own floor plan. 

3. Comfort and safety

Getting your own aircraft that is tailored to your liking could give you more comfort and safety since you would be able to add some aspects to your aircraft that would make you feel so much safer. 

4. Style and aesthetic

You would be able to make your aircraft your own, make it fit our style more since buying an aircraft is already a huge investment as it is, why now make the most out of it?

There are a lot of aircraft interior refurbishment companies in Alabama that would help you personalize and make your aircraft really your own, making use of your style, giving them the colors that only you might have, and giving it a texture that you prefer.

5. Update your technology

Updating your technology is important, especially since we are living in a world where the technology for aircraft interiors is evolving constantly. 

You could keep your whole aircraft trendy and really up-to-date, putting in things that would add to your comfort and safety as you travel through the air.

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