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5 Fall Trends We Love


Did you know it’s recommended that fashion bloggers start prepping for New York Fashion Week months in advance?

Yep—if you want to secure a nice spot in a hotel trends and have a shot at an invite to any of the NYFW events, you have to be prepared to send out a lot of emails. While tickets to NYFW events sound exciting, they’re not a necessity to create the perfect autumn fashion fits.

Though, if you want to dazzle with your fall 2021 wardrobe, you need to be on top of the latest fall trends. Luckily, you don’t have to be a fashion blogger to stay updated on all of the fall runway looks.

We’ve got you covered. Keep reading below to learn about five of the hottest fall fashion trends!

Low-Rise Flared Pants

Low-rise pants have made a comeback and may just reign supreme as one of the hottest fall trends. People are swapping out their skinny jeans for low-rise pairs instead, but it’s not only jeans that are seeing a style shift.

Trousers, cargo pants, and even athletic wear are all supporting the low-rise trend. You’ll notice that most of these low-rise pants also are flare cut, with Gen Z beauty influencers all over the internet embracing the Y2K style.

Knee-Length Boots

You’ll be seeing a lot of knee-length boots this fall. Opt for sleek styles rather than droopy, fabric-heavy pairs. These boots are best worn with a bit of the leg exposed, so get ready to pair them with your favorite skirts and dresses.

Colorful Faux Leather

Another throwback style will be popping up as an autumn fashion favorite—colorful leather clothing. Fashion enthusiasts are embracing animal-friendly faux and vegan leather pieces.

However, they’re ditching traditional black and brown leather and opting for bright, saturated colors instead. Perhaps the most popular are leather jackets, but you can get mini skirts, dresses, and more in vibrant colors too—click to find more here.

Chunky Shoes

Sick of your worn-out pair of Converse? Lucky for you, chunky shoes are one of the hottest fall trends this year.

You’ll spot everything from the traditional Doc Martens platform boots to thick-soled loafers to clogs. If you’re aiming for some serious height, you may even find yourself in a pair of Demonia boots or sneakers.


Fall is well-known for being the sweater season. However, designers are getting creative this year.

You’ll see sweaters, crop tops, skirts, dresses, and even pants with cutouts in quirky spots. If you’re looking for a creative way to show some skin without sacrificing your warm tops and bottoms, then it’s time to embrace the cutouts trend!

Fall fashion trends come and go, but they always offer a bit of cozy comfort. With the fall trends above, you’ll have no trouble switching up your seasonal wardrobe and nailing all of 2021’s hottest fall looks.

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