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5 High Paying Jobs in New Zealand in 2022

New Zealand with its ample number of jobs opportunities, picturesque landscapes, friendly communities, and fairly good living standards, is an excellent country to reside in.  

People here strive to strike a good balance between their work lives and personal lives. But, a closer peek at the work culture here would make you realize that the competition here is stiff. So, it can be intimidating to land jobs that pay a high salary. But, with the right qualifications and smart and diligent work, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching greater heights.

So, if you want to know about some of the highest-paid jobs in New Zealand, you have landed at the correct destination.

Below are enlisted 5 high paying jobs in this country in 2022:

1. Information Technology Manager

First on the list is an IT manager. These professionals are the pillars of strength of any organization. They are responsible for looking after all technological and computer-related aspects of a company’s smooth functioning.

Further, they are required to fulfil all the IT-related requirements starting from planning, strategizing, and coordinating these aspects.

They also need to take care of the integration of all the computer devices in an organization, so that they work efficiently. IT managers often work in association with important executives and set goals to achieve the hardware and software-related plans of the company.

One more reason to find jobs in the IT industry is that it is flourishing in New Zealand, accounting for 8% of the GDP. Their salaries range from NZ$107,000 – $150,000 per year.

2. Marketing Manager

People employed for these jobs have the foremost responsibility of creating brand awareness. This includes the task of delivering information regarding the brand’s products and services to the target audience in a bid to popularize it.

Marketing managers also help plan and strategize the company’s campaigns, supervise the internal teams, etc. Their salaries range from NZ$80,000 – $200,000 per year.

With efficient leadership as well as communication skills, you will be able to do justice to this job. You can also enrol on online courses New Zealand in this field to develop in this area holistically.

3. Ophthalmologists

These doctors are responsible for diagnosing and treating eye injuries, and eye conditions, prescribing glasses and performing all kinds of eye surgeries. These jobs require you to have qualified as a Bachelor of Health Sciences or as a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences.

In addition, 2 years of experience is a must to practice as a junior doctor. Some special qualifications and experience of 5 years might also be needed to receive higher salaries.

As an ophthalmologist, you need to be well-versed with the anatomy of the eye and its working, eye conditions, etc. You need to be extremely careful while carrying out any eye-related procedures and handle all the tools with extreme precision.

Their salaries range from NZ$58,000-$240,000 per year.

4. Financial Advisor

In today’s world, who doesn’t need professional assistance in order to manage their finances in the best way possible? Financial advisors have got this covered for you. They provide you with financial guidance regarding where and how to make investments on simonparkes org blog.

These professionals keep themselves informed on which investments entail more profit to make sure that your money is being used correctly.

For qualifying as a financial advisor, you need to have a Financial Advice Provider License along with an appropriate and relevant degree in business, banking, or finance. Their salaries range from NZ$72,000 – $250,000 per year.

5. Court Judge

This profession also makes it to the list as one of the highest-paid jobs in New Zealand. Procedures involving legal work happen all around on a daily basis. In case of conflicts, when these matters are dragged to the court, an impartial judge is needed to resolve these legal disputes on 711719541028.

Thus, people in this profession get paid a good amount ranging between NZ$358,000 – $525,000 per year for the services they deliver.

To qualify as a judge, you must have a Bachelor of Law degree and work as a barrister for at least 7 years.

Over to you…

If you are looking for a jobs in any of the fields mentioned above, make sure you do your research regarding the qualifications required, consult trusted people and then make a final decision!

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