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5 Jobs your kid can choose as a career


Are you aware of the professions you dreamt about pursuing as a kid? I mean, I wanted to teach at Hogwarts. But, to my utter sadness, I realized that these jobs do not exist.

But, as I kept growing, some inspiring jobs moved me. Unlike my previous aspiration, these jobs were real and achievable. Soon, I was burdened with options and had a tough time deciding my education choices.

To ease the same for your kids, here are a few options that have been hot and trending these days. So, the next time kids share their dream with you, you will be able to strike some deep conversations.

1. Pilot

The one thing every child has wished in their childhood is to fly in the vast blue sky. Pilots can be of various types – Some fly airplanes or helicopters which transport people from one place to another while others fly a cargo plane.

The job can also get more thrilling, like flying an aircraft for rescue operations in the mountains. Or it can also be an army aircraft used to protect our nation.

Commercial pilots also fly helicopters for entertainment purposes to tour beautiful places and capture scenic pictures with an aerial view. They also carry people who want to skydive.

Pilots are compensated with a decent salary, but it majorly depends on the sector you are working in.

2. Actor or Model

Television and Cinema halls have been widely prevalent in our life. Kids often dream about becoming as famous as their favourite on-screen actors.

But, actors are not just restricted to television or movies. They work in theatres, audiobooks, OTT platforms, and even theme parks.

The pay depends on their acting skills and the arena of the audience. The wider the reach, the better the pay.

To gain a huge audience, one should start early. Bubblegum casting’s kids modelling and acting agency is one such checkpoint that can help your children pursue their dream job at the earliest.

3. Teacher

It is common for children to act or mimic their teachers at home. These children enjoy school and may aspire to teach.

Teaching in itself is a skill. One may be a topper but might fail as a teacher. Critical thinking and communication play a vital role in determining if one can be good at teaching or not.

To become a teacher, one must at least have an undergraduate degree.

The salary of a teacher is dependent on multiple factors like their training, past experience and others. If the school has earned a spot among the premier schools in the city, then the pay is higher.

4. Athlete

Does your kid also love to play football or any other sport? Has your kid excelled in lower levels tournaments? It might be possible that your kid wants to choose that sport as a profession and earn their living by it.

A professional athlete takes a lot of dedication and effort. One has to work continuously on their weaknesses and convert them into strengths to make them big.

Athletes usually require a lot of strength, and they train regularly with their teammates. Athletes can get paid handsome amounts if they make it into the national or even state levels. There are various leagues where they can participate and get paid.

The amount of money majorly varies on the sport and the level they are playing in. Most athletes have short careers due to the high physical demands of the sport. For the latter part of their careers, athletes might become coaches or scouts.

5. Lawyer

Are you also witty and always get away from punishment by tricking your parents or distracting them? Chances are that you might become successful if you choose a lawyer as your career.

To become a lawyer, one has to earn a degree in law by going to a law school for three years. A lawyer can be of different types like Corporate Lawyer, Civil Lawyer, Criminal Lawyer, etc.

Some lawyers work in private offices, whereas some work for the government. The job of a lawyer is a tad bit difficult. It can get exhausting at times. But lawyers do get paid handsomely. So, in the end, it is worth it.

So now that you know the trending career options for your kid, it’s time to take some action and identify their strengths!

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