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5 Steps For Turning Your Construction Punch List Into A Done List


For any construction company owner, one of the most stressful and anxiety-inducing times is doing the final walkthrough with a client. A quick Google search will pull up hundreds of nightmare scenarios and stories that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

When you take away the nightmarish parts of a punch list, what you’re left with is a list of items that need to be reworked or repaired. Now, that’s not so scary, is it blooket.join?

Punch lists are a fact of life in the construction industry, mostly because bad things happen and also because no one is perfect. Whittling down that list and ticking off items should be your focus, and this article will show you five steps for doing just that.

The Construction Industry

  1. Focus On What You Can Control

When going through a punch list, it can seem like a lot. Instead of worrying about all the elements you can’t control, such as suppliers and the weather, focus on the things you can.

That simple tip will make a difference when you need that advice the most. So, if this point resonates with you, take a breather and a step back. Reconsider your approach to the list and tick off the things you can easily achieve first.

  1. Don’t Hit A Wall (Not Literally)

Fixing problems is never an easy job and it is usually costly. Call it Murphy’s Law or construction project fate; it boils down to the same thing – delays. When you encounter a challenging situation or construction project risk, don’t give up.

Even if it seems like an impossible task, take things slow, and you’ll find a way to figure it out successfully. Don’t hit a wall and give up – push on and persevere – you will complete the task.

  1. Use Technology

If you own a construction company and don’t know what a construction punch list is – you either have a different name for it, or you’ve been living under a rock. Instead of keeping track of what needs to be done or reworked in your mind, use technology instead blooket com join.

There are fantastic software programs around that will help you keep track of what needs to be done before the construction project can be completed.

  1. Always Improve Your Checklist

Once you have established and prioritized the project’s punch list, you can move on to creating checklists for each item on the list. Be clear about exactly what needs to be done before that item gets checked off.

As you work through different projects and builds, you’ll learn clever ways to improve those checklists and have them be more useful to you and your teams.

  1. Be Positive

That might sound like a crock of new-age nonsense – but it’s true. If you don’t break your punch list into manageable and achievable tasks, you will drown in a pool of your feelings of ineptitude. Punch lists can be disheartening, especially to your team – your job is to keep a smile on their face and maintain a positive attitude. That will make a difference when they are reworking or repairing an item for the third time – through no fault of theirs or yours.

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